Do Mormons have some type of celebration for Jesus' birthday on April 6?


I just read that Mormons believe they know that Jesus’ was born on April 6. I would like to know if you have any type of celebration and why do you continue to celebrate Christmas on Dec. 25?


not exactly. that is the date they established their church as well though. they usually have their general conference the nearest sunday to that. they will point to that being an important date but don’t really have a feast or party or anything formal. they celebrate christmas at the normal time and generally with the customs of the culture in which they live or were raised.


My own birthday is the 5th of April. I spent many a day in my childhood watching General Conference.

Yes… a yawning celebration.


I’ve watched a little of General Conference myself. Boooorrrring.

Yet I’ve actually heard Mormons talk about it as “exciting.” They get together to watch it, and tape it so they can watch it again later. Wow.


April 6 is significant in the Church. As an former LDS, I was taught in Seminary that not only was that the day that the Church was Founded, but it was also the day of Christ’s Birth and death, and I think I remember something about that being the day of the Second Coming, as well…

Ah, yes…General Conferences are SO thrilling. Did you all know that DirecTV has the BYU channel? Channel 374… :stuck_out_tongue:


If Christmas, Dec. 25th, falls on an day other than Sunday, LDS do not have services that day. I"ve been told they celebrate Christmas in church on the Sunday before Christmas because if they had a Christmas service, no one would come because they are busy with family opening gifts, etc. There are other denominations that do not have services on Christmas. That is one reason the Catholic churches as well as the Luthern and Episcopal churchs in our town, are filled to the brim on Christmas. If we moved Jesus’ birthday celebration to April 6th, would the LDS have Christmas services on any day other than Sunday? It could present a problem if Easter happened to fall on Christmas, would the bunny and santa come together?

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Hi Jessica… wow, birth AND death. 6 April is also my ex-Mormon fiance’s birthday. I forgot it last year (arrrgh) but with all this talk lately, not likely will I forget it again.

Yes I know about BYU on DTV. I watch it from time to time. Mostly, though, I watch EWTN, which is at 422 (I think). Anyways, all the religious channels are bunched up in that area.


On Dish Network:
261 - EWTN
9403 - BYU TV

To sample an LDS General Conference go HERE
(Both Text and Audio Verisons of each session)

The talks tend to be in a mono-tone sense, in that they will knock me out well before a 2-hour session comes to a close. For years the lack of excitement in a 2-hour session, always caused me to knock out, due to sitting too long. If I were to do it again, I would have to bring a treadmill to the conferences, in order to keep my heart-rate up, to avoid blacking out.


It’s possible that Jesus was born and died on April 6. The passover occurs around that time, and Jesus was probably born in the spring. If both of these are true, and if it is true that the LDS church was founded on the same day, of course, it doesn’t prove that the LDS is the true church, any more than that the church is the 3rd six (“666”) proves that it is Satanic. :slight_smile:


Joseph Smith’s birthday was December 23. Tradtional Christmas is just too close to “Smithmas”. :o


I think “Smithsmas” sounds better. :slight_smile:

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