Do muslims believe in the same God as Catholics?

Well do they?

There is one God but different understandings. Each believer (and unbeliever?) has an incomplete and flawed understanding of God. Whoever worships God as the one God who created us, and on whom we depend for everything, worships the one true God.

A good question. Do Protestants believe in the same God as Catholics? If they do, why aren’t they Catholic? Do Catholics believe in the same God as Jews? If not, why aren’t they Jewish?

Do Protestants believe in the same God as Catholics? Of course they do. Both believe in the one, triune God. If they do, why aren’t they Catholic? Because for some personal reason(s), they have chosen not to seek the absolute fullness of the Christian faith (here on Earth), by joining God’s Church, the Catholic Church.

Do Catholics believe in the same God as Jews? Yes again, but in the case of Catholic Christians, God has been more fully revealed through the Holy Trinity, particularly through Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. If not, why aren’t they Jewish? See above.

They don’t worship the same God as they do not believe in the Trinity and it’s very clear as Jesus said that someone who denies the Holy Ghost will not be forgiven. They also don’t believe that God is loving towards his creatures and especially humans.

We believe in a trinitarian and loving God but they do not. I think it’s simple as that.

Now if you’re thinking in other terms, saying God is the most powerful being, creator of all things, redeemer, etc. then yes. It’s a more complex answer than just yes or no. There are some points similar to the real God but they are mistaken on some parts and ignorant (not in a bad way, they just don’t know) on other points.

The CCC says they profess to believe in the God of Abraham. But I think the similarities basically stop there.

So you reject church teaching? AND also believe Jews worship a false idol?

No I do not. The CCC says they profess to hold the faith of Abraham and adore “the one, merciful God, mankind’s judge on the last day”. Just like I said there is common ground.

In our perspective Jews worship the same God, they just don’t have the same knowledge as us about Him.

I believe our prayers all go to the same Creator, but that understandings about Him vary, especially with Muslims.

The full revelation of God is with the Church. And this polling is clearly biased. The moderator should shut this down.

We are Trinitarian, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. They are not, so it is not possible.:twocents:

I’m swimming against a strong current here, but if I believe that if JHWH and Allah were the same deity, then the characteristics of JHWH as revealed in the Bible would match the characteristics of Allah as revealed in the Qur’an. Those characteristics do not match.

I stress that I do not claim that Muslims intentionally worship something that is not the same God that Abraham worshiped. I do believe that Muslims have been deceived from the beginning of that movement.

How is this poling biased? So Jews believe in a false idol according to your line of logic

If it is their intent to worship the God of Abraham, then they do. Yet I question whether their conception is of a God who is not Love as much as wrath takes them quite far afield and into a perverted perception of the Divine. We strive to imitate Christ, and the Imitation of Christ is a concise definition of the Christian imperative. They seem to all too often go about seeking wrathful vengeance on those considered infidels. As to Judaism, are we not in the same boat as Jews who correctly perceived the coming of the Messiah?

Hard to say they do when they haven’t even identified him.

A green alien from the Bumpkin Galaxy can register here and call himself “thetrinitysaves”. He could even use the same avatar. But it wouldn’t be you no matter how much he mimicked or claimed to be you…

Catechism says they profess to, so i guess we can leave it at that.

They believe in the same God; however, their definition of God differs from The Christian definition. The Jewish Faith differs too since they do not believe that Jesus is the promised Messiah and truly man and Truly God.
We all worship The God of Abraham, our definitions of The God of Abraham are not the same.

They seem to all too often go about seeking wrathful vengeance on those considered infidels

Not all are seeking wrathful vengeance. As with us, there are divisions of what is believed within Islaam. The Jewish Faith has the same situation - differing beliefs.

A single man is the author of a book. That man introduced himself to me. However, he didn’t introduce himself to my neighbor. Still, my neighbor recognizes that the book has a single author. They try to read into theach book what the author is like, but come up with a different conception of the author than I have. Nor are they convinced I met him, but maybe think one of their other friends has.

(The book in this example is just a normal book, not the Bible or Qu’ran).

Do we believe in two different authors of the same book?

Both Christians and Muslims recognize the truth that there is one author of life and reality. Both recognize Him as a transcendental being, the ultimate reality behind it all, the metaphysical necessity for existence.They have latched onto the Truth of monotheism and of belief in that one God. Furthermore, they and us believe in many of the same divine interactions with man.

That doesn’t mean they have the correct conception of God, or that they are part of the Church, or what have you.

If many of the early Church fathers believed that Socrates and Plato had some knowledge of the true God of the universe, even apart from any revelation, rejecting the Greek pantheon and being persecuted for it, it seems to bear reason that they (and Muslims) can be said to believe in the existence of the same God, even if we have different ideas about Him. If we can speak of people in cultures that have never encountered Christianity seeking the true God spiritually and by reason and perhaps being saved by invincible ignorance of the Gospel, it seems reasonable to say Muslims also believe in the same Being.

It should also be clearly stated that Islam believes God loves the world and calls Him all-merciful and all-compassionate. This is stated far more often than his wrath for evil and willful disobedience, which is also born out of his love. Simply calling Islam’s view of God a God of wrath is like someone reading the Old Testament and simply saying the same of our God without delving deeper.

Now, that doesn’t mean the faiths share the same view on how this love is born out or how we should follow Him. I’m not saying everything is equal or that both points of view result in the same culture. I just don’t feel like attacking a strawman is the best way forward.

Isn’t there a rule against spamming the forum with schismatic threads?

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