Do muslims believe that the great flood was only local?

Im a Christian but i think the local flood makes more sense. What excatly does Quran teaches about the flood?

If you live along a major river no flood is just local!:shrug:

The Quranic style often is general and can have multiple meanings. According to the respected sunnipath the verses to do with the flood are just this and so scholars have differed. Reading between the lines would suggest its local as God punishes only the rejects of The prophet, ie only Noah’s people which would suggest local. Some also have argued that the animals in pairs only refers to livestock. Simply put then, they differ.

I couldn’t care less what the Quran teaches about anything. I’m interested only in the Bible, the Catholic Church and what they teach ( THE TRUTH!):thumbsup:

‘couldn’t care less what the Quran teaches’ and yet you feel the need to comment :rolleyes:

My comment may have been a bit over the top, however, as a follower of Jesus rather than Mohammed I am really more concerned about knowing what Jesus teaches since he is God and the ultimate source of truth.

I’ve always thought that only Noah’s family survived the flood and at the same time the only animals that survived were in the arch, so believed that basically nooone outside the arch survived

If my memory serves me right…

I think they believe it was a local flood because the people of Noah didn’t listen to him.

Also, if I remember what the Quran said is that Noah’s son’s died in the flood.

They didn’t go into the ark, they wanted to flee up on the mountains.

There is no definite answer for that in Quran nor hadith, however, I personally think it was global because GOD allowed Noah to eat meat after that flood, and if there was a place on the earth which had green plants then GOD would have let the ark land on it and continue as vegetarians.

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