Do Muslims believe there will be a worldwide caliphate in the last days?

Hey everyone. As far as I understand correctly, I think that Muslims believe that there will be a worldwide caliphate in the Last Days. Is this true?

Are these the last days according to Mohammed? What did he say about the last days?

Hi Holly,

Yes, they do believe that. Initially, the muslim world did take the form of a caliphate with no internal borders spanning many regions and finally ending with the Ottoman Empire, which the last to be considered a caliphate.

However, in the end times when the anti-christ appears, they believe a man titled as the Mahdi will head this caliphate to fight the anti-christ. They also believe that Jesus will descend from Heaven as the Messiah, however revealing himself as a muslim and in a militant manner he will kill the anti-christ. Jesus will then assist the Mahdi in creating a Muslim world.

What is interesting is the heavy contrast to the Revelations, where first of all Jesus will destroy the anti-christ with his breath and the huge spotlight that is set on Heaven. Comparing this with islamic belief and mentality, it is demeaning of Christ since we believe he will conquer as supreme being, whereas muslims portray him as just a human.

I hope this helps and i know expanded the answer a little too much :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you everyone!

Not too much!!! Very interesting. Thank you!

Great summation. Spot on about contrast to Revelations. Sheesh. Quite a mess.



The reason why I asked if they believe in a worldwide caliphate because as everyone knows, the goal of Islamic State is to have a caliphate. Indeed, they say that they already do have a self-proclaimed caliphate. The fact that Islam believes in a worldwide caliphate in the last days is very concerning to me because it seems to me that Islamic State would probably like to conquer the entire world.

Hi Holly,

I didn’t want to comment in this thread but I think some things need to be clarified.

I believe We can agree on one thing: all true religions speak about an end time government ruled by a just infallible leader. There are differences in the details and I will not speak about those.

Your concern about the ISIS is valid because the ISIS beliefs are based on Sunni Islam. Sunni Islam in contrast to Shia Islam believes in a Mahdi that is neither infallible nor appointed by God. If such a caliphate materializes, don’t expect them to act justly (we have already seen what they do in Syria and Iraq).

The Shia version speaks about a long period of peace, justice, and prosperity governed by infallible figures appointed by God. That is why you don’t see Shias running around trying to create a worldwide Shia government.

When the time comes the truth will reveal itself for all.

I’m coming to see that starting a sentence with “Muslims believe that…” is about as likely to get you into trouble as “Protestants believe that…”

Since neither has anyone with undisputed authority to decide on hard questions, the number of opinion permutations is almost endless. The answer to the OP question is… some do. How many? Who knows?

Perhaps. What’s the purpose of Hezbollah then?

To resist Israel and the West.

You are quite right. In most cases if you make a distinction between Sunni and Shia beliefs there will be no problem.

Hezbollah is not resisting the west. They resist Israel from taking more Lebanese land.

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