Do Muslims really hate Christians?


I have a freind her name is rubena (not sure if the spelling is right) she’s Muslim but it’s always at the back of my mind, I sopose it’s because of what’s in the media about Isis and stuff if they ever came to England and made it a war zone would every Muslim automatically turn against us, behead us or inslave us. They say there not the same as Isis and I told my eldest sister that they aren’t and she reminded me of a part in the bible where it says “they will say peace peace but there is no peace” I’m so afraid if this happens because I don’t wanna get my head chopped off I’ve seen a video of in on WhatsApp and it really frightened me.


Not all Muslims hate Christians, just like not all Christians hate Muslims. Muslims do however hate some of our Christian beliefs, as they see them as blasphemous. For example, Muslims believe that calling God “Father” is blasphemous, because according to them, fatherhood is a mere creaturely thing, and to apply it to the eternal God would be blasphemy. Of course, we Christians should also hate some Muslim beliefs that are wrong.

As far as getting your head chopped off, please remember that most Muslims are not like ISIS at all. Most Muslims are peaceful. Regardless of whether or not Islamic holy texts call for violence against non-Muslims (I can’t attest to either the truth or falsehood of that because I’ve never read or studied their holy texts enough to know), most Mulsims simply aren’t like ISIS. Did you know that ISIS kills other Muslims, too? They don’t just target Christians.


We should’nt hate anything, “disagree” is the word you are looking for, all the muslims I know are peaceful people of faith just like us with different beliefs, of course there are extremists in every faith.


We should absolutely detest every idea that is false, at least when it comes to our faith. I’m not saying we should hate Muslims, just their beliefs which are contrary to truth. See Psalm 119:163. Saying that we shouldn’t hate ideas, only disagree, implies relativisim (which we Catholics do not believe in). Not all beliefs are equal.


But everyone has a right to their beliefs whether right or wrong, hate is a strong word.


I agree, everyone has a right to believe what they want or are convinced of. But that doesn’t mean their belief is right. Hate is certainly a strong word, but that doesn’t change anything. I don’t think you’re understanding what I’m saying. I’m not saying we should hate those who believe wrongly, only that we should hate what they wrongly believe. Truth is far superior to falsehood. We would be kidding ourselves, at best, if we considered falsehood equal with truth.


No, they don’t. That scenario you have described is not going to happen.

ISIS are terrorists and not supported by anyone but a tiny minority of Muslims.


Honestly, not in my experience. That is not to suggest all religions are equal or to be indifferent, but you get a spectrum of people under that umbrella like you do any other group.


I’m glad to know this my only fear really was getting my head chopped off because I don’t think id be able to die for my faith and I know this is a grave sin and would probably send me to hell for it but if it came to it I don’t think I could when I was around 12 or 13 I was so confident and sure of myself saying “yes I’d die for Jesus” but after seeing the video of the man getting his head cut off I don’t think I could but I wouldn’t really convert to Islam I’d just pretend to save my life I’d still secretly worship Jesus


I understand what you are saying, lets agree to disagree.:+1:

Peace be with your spirit


Under this scenario, I don’t think it would be mortal sin because your full consent would be impaired from fear. Could be wrong though. I’d like to tell myself that I’d die for Jesus, but in reality I’d likely cower away.

And with yours. :grinning:


I think you should talk to a Priest about scrupulosity. Your fears are baseless.


So your not afraid of getting your head chopped off?


I think @Lou2U means that, although the idea is scary, it’s not likely to happen.


I know it’s unlikely to happen, I’m A hypochondriac.


When I was in school, I had a Pakistani friend. The Mom wasn’t allowed to drive. The daughter wanted to be a brain surgeon, but she wasn’t allowed to go to college-- she got married off in an arranged marriage after high school. I presume the same thing happened to her sisters, but I had lost contact with her.

So, our disparate religions didn’t keep us from being friends, and visiting each other, and having fun— but we both had very different cultural defaults/worldviews, if that makes sense, which were heavily influenced by our respective religions, which we both took seriously.

I’m totally blanking on the word I want— but I would politely point out that the people who follow Sharia law are not best defined as extremists, but they adhere to the fundamental principles of their faith. To them, sharia law is God’s law, and the rejection of the principles of sharia is rejecting God and his prophets.

I remember watching a YouTube video about a mullah who was giving a series of lectures. One of the points he brought up was how irritating it was that the news cycle calls things “radical Islam” or “extremism” or whatever, when in fact, that’s just stuff that happens in the matter of course, and they’re all called to follow their faith heroically should the need arise. I tried looking through about 20 pages’ worth of links, but I wasn’t able to hit on the right keywords to bring it up.


I think it might have been this one-- “Radical Islam isn’t radical, it’s just Islam”.


There is no reason to have such a fear. You need to talk to someone about it.

Look, I live in the UK too. Last year’s terrorist attacks were frightening and I can understand why you may be anxious. But I can’t stress enough how little the possibility is that you will be beheaded. You can’t live in fear of others like you are.

Talk to someone about your fears.


Oh, are you being treated for it? (You don’t have to answer - I understand this is personal.) That’s unfortunate.

If you’re not being treated (you don’t have to tell us whether or not you are), I suggest seeking treatment.


Not at all. Muslims might officially be required to hate Christians, but I’ve never felt it in my heart.

I used to socialize with a group of Iranian men who escaped from the ayatollah and ended up here, they didn’t hate me even though they were muslim.

Ditto from the local Muslims I often see selling their “Final Call” newspaper. They may officially see me as a white devil, but just don’t feel the conflict during my interactions with them over the years.


Iranians don’t really identify mostly as being Muslim as they do being Persian


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