Do my new medals need special blessings and a question


Hi everyone. I have a question. I have a St. Michael the Archangel Medal, a St. Benedict Medal, a St. Dymphna Medal, a Miraculous Medal, and Pope John Paul II/Pope Benedict XVI Medal. Do they each need a special blessing or can they all be blessed at once? Also, is the Pope Medal a sacramental since it reminds me of the two Popes? :shrug::confused:


Not sure about your 2nd question. But I believe a Priest, or Deacon, can bless all of your Sacramentals at one time with one blessing…


By the way there is a special exorcism blessing for the Saint Benedict medal that formerly was reserved to Benectines that now can be done by any priest found at look under the section on the St Benedict medal. The proper way to wear the St Benedict is with the cross side with all the letters on it out. At that site there is also an explanation of the medal.



great minds think alike eh? Thanks for exact site spot.


The St. Benedict medal the priest in his liturgical book will have to read the special blessing for, the others I do not think receive a special blessing. Any priest can bless the St. Benedict medal, not just a Benedictine.

All medals are sacramentals. :smiley:

Those are some nice medals!


Well, I had the priest just say a general blessing over all of them. But thanks! :slight_smile:


*By all means they can be blessed at one time if you so wish… However you may wish to have the St Benedict’s medal blessed separately at least if it is the jubilee medal?? as there is a special prayer that goes with that particular one.
Not exactly sure on whether or not the popes medal would be considered a sacramental?? I believe if blessed the answer would be yes… but you might ask the priest you choose to give the blessing.


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