Do Non-Catholic Christians believe the Catholic Church will be totally deceived by the Anti-Christ?

Do most Non-Catholic Christians believe the Catholic Church will be totally deceived during the rise of the Anti-Christ? What might happen to their various denominations during this period? How about Non-Christians? Finally, what can be done to maintain Christian unity during this time, if in fact this is within our lifetime?

No one particular denomination or sect will be more deceived by anti-Christ than another.

The fact of the matter is that antichrists are already in the world and have already deceived a number of mainline Protestant denominations.

The issue has been and always will be; all Christians will not be deceived by anti-Christ, and those people within the Church who are not Christians are already deceived and will be deceived into the future.

Having said that, just about any standard fundamentalist church would probably say that the RCC will be taken over by anti-Christ, as well as a number of conservative Reformed churches.

Well, if you go by a belief system akin to Jack Chick, then the RCC is the driving force behind the anti-christ and the great tribulation on the earth.

I agree with TriunUnity on this one. There will probably be millions of “Christians” deceived at that time. It won’t be because they are pretending to be Christian, in my opinion. It will be because most Christians, at least here in the USA know the same amount of scripture as anyone who went to sunday school as a child, but never read another passage as an adult. Christians today simply do not know the scriptures. I say this because I was as guilty as anyone else once I came to the faith. At first, I was on fire and read the bible all the time, but it is easy to back off it and let your pastor(Catholic or protestant) feed you the little bit you get every week and simply not think about it again until the next sunday.

That is how a charismatic person can start a new “feel good” church next week and within 5 years, have a 10,000 member congregation. Most churches today are light on sin, heavy on “whatever makes you happy”.

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