Do non-Catholic Christians go to purgatory when they die?


A non-Catholic Christian friend died recently. Did she go to purgatory even though she didn’t know what it is?


Anyone who dies – not in a state of Grace will go somewhere to “purge” – which is why Purgatory is really one of the last gifts from God himself! He gives us a last “chance” sort-to-speak – to gain access to HEAVEN! WOW!! Isn’t God great?

YOU have a big role now to play! YOU can offer Masses for her so that any “purge” that’s needed or PURIFICATION that’s required which is what Purgatory is, YOU can hasten on her behalf. God’s Justice can be fulfilled by Gods MERCY.

Someone once described to me that Purgatory is like this… you are waiting for the love of your life to appear and the doorbell suddenly rings and you realize that you haven’t taken a shower, combed your hair, or brushed your teeth in MONTHS. UGH!!

The “purification” process is God’s love and mercy at work (as always) to give us humans the last chance to become purged of any sin so that we may enter HEAVEN.

Hope this helps.


Unless she led a saintly life, she most likely has some time in Purgatory as most of us will. She may not reconize it as such BUT she will be very glad she didn’t end up elsewhere.

A mass and prayers for anyone who passes away is a very good idea, even if or especially if, they are non-Catholic.


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