Do Non-Catholics have a greater chance of getting into Heaven due to lack of full knowledge of the grave matter of sins?

The vast majority of people,including millions of Catholics, are not aware that contraception is a sin. The pope of that time said people must follow there consciences in that matter. For mortal sin,full knowledge, full consent and grave matter must all be present. That would be beyond the awareness of most people. They would not have a clue what you are talking about. Jesus said that to those who have been given most,most will be expected.

What Pope said that?

I second that question.

Salvation comes through the Church from the infinate merits of Christ’s life, passion and death. With that cleared up, remember the OT prototype of the Church which is the Ark of Noah. Those outside it’s confines did not survive the deludge.

the answer to your question is no, they won’t be going to heaven at all if they lack
knowledge of the grave matter of sins. although i must admit i didn’t know that taking
contraceptive was a grave matter of sin. did it state that it was? i carn’t recall reading that

According to Church teaching, artificial contraception is a grave moral evil…and therefore a mortal sin. Read Humanae Vitae

There is no such thing as playing the odds. A person is born, they make a choice, and then they die.

100% of Catholics will go to Heaven. 100% of non-Catholics will go to Hell. The great mystery that remains is that there are many members that are invisible, and there are many visible members that will be thrown out. When that is all sorted out, there will be one Church & Bride praising God, and none other.

The Catholic Church does not teach this.

k. What did I say that was wrong?

So what does it teach? Won’t everybody in Heaven become the Bride, or will they continue to identify themselves as Muslims, pagans, or what have you?

My opinion, and that is all it is, would be that yes, the bar is lower for non-Catholics who do not know the fullness of the faith compared with Catholics who do. At the same time, there are Catholics who know less about Christianity than non-Catholic Christians. Finally, I would throw into the mix the idea that there is more grace available through the seven sacraments, so this may make things a bit easier for all Catholics regardless of their knowledge and zeal.

So as not to start a new argument, let us stick with Catholics. The Church teaches if a catholic dies in mortal sin, he goes to hell. Therefore, 100% of catholics do not go to heaven.

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