Do non-catholics use Typology when they interpret scripture?

So I’m curious about this the question is in the title…


of course we do, in fact look at the link in my signature for some examples

see my link for some examples of typology on the BVM

I used a IBM Selectric Typology once!:blush::slight_smile:

Yes, I can remember a lot of type-antitype teaching from my Pentecostal/Charismatic/Southern Baptist days.

I remember a lot of it used when I was a Pentacostal, such as circumcision = baptism, crossing the Red Sea= also baptism! Abraham’s sacrifice of Isaac=Gods sacrifice of his Divine Son on the Cross, The Tower of Babel= languages unconfused at Pentecost. Heaps of other things!:slight_smile:

In Lutheranism


Yeah, and typology is used extensively when it comes to Bible prophecy.

It’s very big in the religion of the Jehovah’s Witnesses. The words “type” and “anti-type” are practically staples of their speech.

In my experience as a Baptist it is acknowledgeed but not emphasized. Some types are easily recognizable such as Abraham’s sacrifice of Isaac being a type of Christ’s crucifixion. However, Baptists are hesitant to emphasize typology because it often leads to very non Baptistic conclusions. For example no genuine Baptist would regard circumcision as a type of baptism. Even more foreign to Baptist beliefs would be that Eve, the mother of all humanity, is a type of Mary, mother of all Christians.

I have taught an adult Sunday School class nearly 30 years and only once in that time has there been any mention of typology.

Not as much.
When non-catholics recognize Kings as a type for Jesus as King of Kings, they some-
times ignore the Queen Mother as a type for Mary, or even if they do, they deprive that
of its meaning.

When the Ark of the Covenant contained the Ten Commandments, Manna, and the Rod of
Aaron, many just pay no mind to the fact that Mary contained the Word of God, the Bread
of Life, and the Eternal High Priest.

So many know Jesus as the New (or Second) Adam, but where is the New (or Second) Eve?
Doesn’t anyone understand all the significant parallels (including negative parallels) between
Eve and Mary?

I trust that many of the ancient Churches (Catholic, Orthodox, etc.) recognize these Mary
types so clearly seen in the Bible, and of course we do have some early Protestants ac–
knowledging the importance of Mary based on her correlative types seen in the Old Testa-

As time moved on and more Protestant sects developed, many types ceased to
be so greatly known, and for those at are known, their significant meanings have
declined. They’re not a big deal anymore.

Here’s what I infer from others:
Mary and the Ark? So What? Intercessions sought through the Queen Mother?
Big Deal! So what if these correlations are logical? They has no meaning to us.

Thanks for the info that was helpful always good to get insights on different denominations so from the responses I have so far Pentecostal and Lutherans have typology and Baptist not so much would like to hear from other denominations…

Great post! yeah I think it is important to have some knowledge of the early church interpreted scripture and Typology was indeed the way it was done.

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