Do NOT call 1800suicide

I just called them for emotional crisis, NOT suicide, and they are NOT Christian; I got routed to a local helpline which I let ring about 50 times, finally someobdy picked up, a young man, and told me not to call on that line, he had to keep it open, I immediately asked whether this was [my location] and he confirmed that it was and for all I know he could be one of my husband’s friends/cohorts, sure sounded like the type.

So I finally called back on the local number just to make sure he wouldn’t call the cops on me, we had a brief chat, I do feel a little better because although I am not suicidal I was thinking about death because the sleep med my pcp took me off last night had made me so desperately ill today, on top of the month-long bowel (sorry) disturbance and urinary tract difficulties.

I have two injunction hearings on Thursday and I am just afraid I won’t be able to sleep at night and won’t be able to stay awake during the day. I am also TERRRIFIED because of a phone call with my mother, who informed me she plans to fly down here, I stopped her there because that means she intends to support my husband, she is supposed to take anti-psychotic medication herself but has been pimping me to psych wards (you can take that as a typo) since I was 21 and helps my husband do the same. She managed to get in the phrase there are “big things in the works,” which could mean anything, like, she has to get on a plane, or my husband wants to turn it around on me in some wayk but, coming from her, full of the “power of suggestion,” I have been dancing around those words in my mind ever since and worrying like mad, as I said. So I am back to “No further contact” with her (or my Dad, same thing).

I successfully avoided my husband’s final intimidation call, he has been taking all the mail except the letter from his lawyer on Saturday stating his notice of appearance.

But I am still a little scared, things get dicey here in South Florida, it’s really not a civilised place. You probably don’t know and don’t WANT to know what it feels like to be cuffed again and again and put in the back of a police car (the seats are hard) and taken to a psychiatric ward, let alone what it feels like to be tasered on the neck and to hit a ceramic tile floor when the jolt flips you off your feet.

So yes, it got a little ugly, this phone call. If you don’t have problems in your community you are fine, just know that that national number routes you to a local one.

I see my LOVELY, CHRISTIAN, FEMALE, also MATURE PCP tomorrow afternoon so even if I don’t get any sleep tonight I will be okay, I can sleep in the morning.

I think I made that phone call just as the Doxepin (older anti-depressant still used for sleep, very “dirty” drug) was breaking from me, feeling better now, thoughts of death gone. I just needed to hear a human voice and I did get that, so, I guess I have to thank that poor fellow for being there, I’m sure he meant well, it’s just, things get around here, there’s a terrible rumor mill.

Thanks for listening.


My prayers.


Lord grant that all will occur for the true good of each family member.

We have advised to seek help on your earlier thread. Please do. At least call your pastor/minister. God bless.

It’s very normal for hotlines to get routed to local lines. I used to work a domestic violence hotline and the calls got routed to my home.

Why would you tell others NOT to call and get help? :frowning:

Anyway, I’ll pray for you. :hug1:

Have a call in to the Forum in California as I have tried again and again to find contact with the Catholic Church here and do not get a response.

Society here is funny, as I said, not ha ha funny.

As far as getting help, I did say in my post that I did get help, but I also had to call my lawyer today to get it straightened out as I was at risk of being recommitted to a psych ward for suicidal ideation, as the number I was routed to is associated with the police department, who are, in the words of one officer, “sick of this place.”

I was desperately ill last night. I made it to the doctor’s today and got the care I needed and my painful intestinal situation is on the mend after a good* day’s *sleep–6 am to 1:30.

Tomorrow will take care of tomorrow, but I will not be able to make the 2 court appearances required on Thursday unless I get my sleep turned around before then.

I apologize for scaring anybody off from needed help, as I said, I was sick and scared myself.

ALL of these problems boil down to the fact that my mother is supposed to take anti-psychotic medication and doesn’t because my father wouldn’t let her when she was prescribed it when she was 24. It may be the reason for her subsequent ectopic pregnancy and every disaster to me described herein that followed, as she NEEDS THIS MEDICATION, still, right now.

My father also tried to dissuade me from taking it, and as I also had doubt’s about the doctor’s diagnosis but a young lady very obedient to authority I took it with reservations and it did make me so ill that it led to a suicide attempt. That’s on my parents. They took me to a CHILD psychiatrist, at the age of 21. Yes, I would say for the sake of argument that is likely that I did and do need it, I am taking one now that is helping after all these years. I always did take it on and off but stopped Haldol because it was dangerous in pregnancy and since have been bounced around with the “newer” anti-psychotic meds but finally got given one of the “older” ones that actually work much, much better for me, and with this one I am not having trouble with side effects.

As far as my mother and the court saga if you want to follow it is on my blog site (s), where I have spent the last year trying to clean up the 30-year mess (and that is what all the argument is about): (Green Light–chronicles) (Telling the Truth) (Living with Abortion)

Possible desperate trouble with mom ahead, she may already be in town.

Possible remediation of all this mess in sight, I pray the Lord wills it.

Lord, please help all involved in this situation.



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