Do not read if scrupulous

What would be the most respectful thing to do if you remembered a mortal just after receiving Communion.

If you have just received in the hand or just received on the tongue that instant.


You mention the sin that you remembered the next time you go to Confession. But in the moment, you adore and thank and pray to the Lord whom you have just received in Holy Communion. There is no other appropriate response to contemplate.


I assume that if you were in the Communion line when you realised that you could get a blessing and that there comes a point where it falls into grave or exceptional circumstances.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but if you forgot a mortal sin in your last confession, the absolution is still valid, so it would be logical to continue receiving communion until the next opportunity you can have a confession and can mention the mortal sin you had forgotten.

A hypothetical situation:

At my parish church they have confessions everyday at the 6PM mass but not at the 7AM mass which is the only one I can attend during the week and in all Saturday and Sunday masses. If I forget a mortal sin at a Sunday confession, I will continue receiving communion all week and mention the mortal sin I forgot at confession the following Saturday.

If you commit a mortal sin after your last confession and then forgot and remember it after the host is on your hand, that’s a different story. I would just consume it, the reason being that it’s already on your hand, so if you try to return it you could make people around you including the priest very unconfortable. I would mention that on my next confession though and not receive again until after it.

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