Do nuns exercise/run?


Here’s what might be a silly question.
Can nuns go on runs/lift weights/exercise?
I understand probably not to the degree/time that lay people do - but I am discerning and my running is a great source of prayer and meditation so I’m curious.


Absolutely – at least in some communities. I know one that just built a gym in the convent for their retired sisters.

There is a book from a few years ago called “Inner Marathon: The diary of a Jogging Nun,” by Sr. Joan Sauro, CSJ. And many other sisters run, bike, and do other active exercise.

Ask any community you may be interested what their policies are.


I don’t see why they couldn’t. My mom knew a nun who drove a motorcycle. (Not kidding.) I do believe that generally there is a “recreation” time each day, depending on the rule, when the nuns can spend some time socializing. I’m guessing there may be some provision for exercise during that period, though I’m not positive.


The only time this might be an issue would be for a cloistered community; meaning that part of their lifestyle is to remain within the limits of their location (called, appropriately enough, a “cloister”)

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I thought this was going to be about someone who caught a nun jogging and wanted to report her to the bishop or some such nonsense.


I have a great memory from the traditional/orthodox Catholic school I attended in the 1960s: on “field days,” at the end of the school year, the good School Sisters of St. Francis would play baseball with the kids out on the playground, the sleeves of their habits rolled up & veils pinned back & out of the way… :slight_smile:


I was under the impression that only priests could exorcise.:confused:





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One of the first changes at the Nazareth Motherhouse in KY after Vatican II was the building of the SCN Center, which had a pool.

I have seen with my own eyes a St Cecilia Dominican postulant running with her novice “Guardian Angel.”

A cloistered nun I was talking to had been out walking around the cloister for the sake of her health. They informed me that exercise was important.

We have it written into our Cloisterite rule that the eremites are to have an exercise plan, and the cenobites are to have a gym/workout machines.



This 83 year old sister certainly loves to exercise.


They got that Nun Run thing.


She was one of the most well loved triathletes at ironman Canada.





If nuns are like monks, then they are even allowed to go rollerblading!


“Exercise to exorcise the demons in your life”–Dianna Nyad

Exercise does help with depression. And as the earlier poster showed, the sisters have used running effectively in their work with children. As for true exorcisms, they are indeed limited to priests.

I have been on retreats with nuns. Their recreational periods often included some type of exercise from Tai Chi in the morning to an evening game of Volleyball. Some communities served tea and cookies. Others served popcorn and 7Up.


I worked at the fitness center at my university and there was a nun (older) who would come in her habit every morning to swim laps. I think it just depends on the community a nun is in, but I don’t see why not. (The university was not a Catholic school by the way…so it’s not as if she would be expected at our facility. I think it spoke even more to the fact that of course she could exercise.)


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