Do only the Catholic and Orthodox churches have clear morals?

Protestants derive their morality from the bible. Yet Protestant denominations change their minds about what is moral. In the 1930’s, after centuries of calling contraception wrong, they all changed and said contraception was morally neutral. On abortion some find it moral, some not, and with all gradations in between. On Homosexuality, divorce…their stands seems mushy to me. Am I misreading this?

Of course there are Catholics who disagree with what is taught. The difference is that they are bound to agree on, say, abortion, even if they don’t want to.

Many of the eastern religions also cannot agree on any clear morality–some would even argue that the concept of morality is wrong. In Islam the belief is that God is above even reason (unlike the Christian God) and therefore black could be white, and God could make anything morally good if He wanted to.

So do only the Orthodox and the Catholics take eternal, unchanging views on morality?

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It varies from denomination to denomination and even within certain church groups (like the Episcopalians)…

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Generally agree, though the point of contraception isn’t 100% valid as Amish (and possibly Mennonite?) still oppose contraception whereas the Eastern Orthodox allow it (not sure about Oriental Orthodox?). There does seem a lack of clear rules for protestant churches, though some seem to claim it doesn’t matter what you do, then set very strict rules on things like alcohol and smoking either without the support of Scripture/Tradition or even in spite of it

The Catholic Church is the only Church with the infallible protection of the Holy Spirit and unchanged doctrine in faith and morals.

All others are subject to error in both areas, and all have error to one degree or the other.

The opposition to contraception among the Amish is not universal. The Old Order Amish reject it, but many of the others do not-- especially those who are in trades and not farming (I live in an area with many Amish).

100% Agreed! :thumbsup: The CC is not swayed back and forth due to popular consensus and fads. :eek:

Every time I come across the phrase “an inclusive church” to describe a church, I shudder. I know that church is chock full of errors in terms of morality. Those teachings blur what is a sin and what is not and that can lead people straight to hell. :mad:

I think Chesterton once said that he preferred a church that was 2000 years behind the times to one that was a year behind and racing to catch up. :wink:

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