Do Opus Dei numeraries hold private property?

Since it would appear Opus Dei numeraries give their income to the Work and receive a stipend…does this also entail that they must surrender private property and accounts as well or do they own private property like other lay people?

I would recommend sending them an email:

I have and I was given the contact info for the local Opus Dei. Noone has bothered to respond to me.

You can find a reply here:

I quote the reply:
Many numeraries choose to give all they earn for the upkeep of the house (and family = other members of the Work who live in that house), just like any parent in a family would do. And that should not surprise anybody.
At the same time, whatever money that particular person needs, s/he can use, again as any parent would in a “numerous and needy family” (the usual recommendation of St Josemaría to all who want to practise the virtue of Christian poverty): with great care! This means, thinking carefully of the needs of all members of the family BEFORE spending a dime on oneself, looking for bargains and sales, and giving up a lot of things in order to take care of the family, just as any parent would do, and putting all the money in the “common pot” *

On the other hand, in one’s own professional life, one is in charge of whatever resources are needed for that work. This might mean being the owner of a business or company, or of shares in a company, or the administrator, or… etc., etc., etc. And each one does with one’s own money whatever one wants, with the limitations any person would have: if you do not own the company you work for, you have to keep and give account of whatever you use, as anyone would be expected to do…

I hope I’m not confusing the issue, but money has never been a problem for me in my 38 years as a numerary in Venezuela.

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I do recall of one Spanish nuemrary who sold the firm she owned before moving to our country, so that means she did own private property…

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