Do Orthodox Bless Items?

Hello Everyone,

I am not sure if I am posting this in the right place, but here it goes. Out of curiosity, I would just like to know if Orthodox bless items like catholics do: for example taking an item such as a candle, cross, incense, rosary, etc, etc to the priest and getting it blessed.

I know that baptismal crosses are blessed, but what about the other items I mentioned, like candles, neck crosses etc?

Are such items blessed by the Orthodox like they are in the Catholic church?

Please advise.
Thank you!


Customs (sometimes but not always) differ as to the exact words or gestures that would be used in such blessings. But the basic answer to your question is that they certainly do.


Yes, I’ve had my priest bless the cross I wore at my baptism. We also have priests bless homes, water and other suitable things.

Yes, but…

Two other ways of having an object blessed are to a. ask that the item remain in the sanctuary during Divine Liturgy and b. Common use / veneration (such as a prayer beads).

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