Do Orthodox recognize any post-schism saints, miracles, apparitions, traditions, etc.?

This is something I’m always really curious about. If there are any Orthodox here, please share if you hold any beliefs in the validity of any post-Schism Catholic traditions, saints, miracles, or apparitions!

I cannot speak for all Orthodox here, but we cannot judge who is in Heaven and who is not. Personally, as a former Catholic, there are some Western post-Schism Saints that I venerate. Partly, because I grew up with some of these Saints and partly I find them to be “orthodox” in their lives and what they taught/wrote.



I’ve heard of some Orthodox with a deep affinity for St. Thomas Aquinas (which may sound odd to some Eastern Christians, I suppose). I don’t know what the positions of various Orthodox Churches are.

I personally like and feel inspired by some more recent Catholic saints, but we do not venerate them in Church. We do however venerate some early post-schism saints; the break of communion in 1054 was not unavoidably definite, and we should not be blinded by that specific number, even though it never really healed after that. I know that in Scandinavia, saints like St. Botvid or even King Eric IX of Sweden (d. 1160) are sometimes officially venerated in Orthodox churches, for example.

I do not think you will find Catholic saints like Thomas Aquinas or Mother Theresa commemorated in our services or depicted in icons in our Orthodox churches, however. There could obviously be some exception but…

Like @Lasse stated, there would be no public veneration of post-Schism Saints in our Churches, put privately, there may some Orthodox that do.



I once heard an Orthodox priest preach on the legitimacy of Catholic Marian apparitions.

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I’m Orthodox and I- personally- believe that the post-schism Catholic saints are real saints (at least the ones I know about). Of all the apparitions, I definitely believe in Guadalupe and I withhold judgment on the others. Most Orthodox will say that only God knows who all is in His Church.

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I’ve seen many Orthodox Churches in Mexico with Our Lady of Guadalupe on their Iconostasis!


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