Do Orthodox view their priests as part of a sacrificial priesthood?

As an Anglican discerning conversion to Catholicism, I have been interested in why my own church has been said to have invalid orders and through my readings have come across various terms. One being the need for an intent of ordination to be a sacrificial priesthood. Thus, my question is… do orthodox believe their priesthood to be sacrificial in nature? I have never come across that designation within orthodoxy yet they are said to be valid. Some clarification from more knowledgeable members than I would be helpful.

The Greeks ought to, because they do indeed have a valid, sacerdotal priesthood. Since it is necessary to affirm this reality in the celebration of the Sacrament of Holy Orders (as we know from Apostolicae Curae), it would follow that their rites would include reference(s) to the sacerdotal nature of the priesthood.

Sacrificial priesthood? You mean like with the intent that they be undertaking the sacrifice? I’d say we believe that. I’m not certain I understand the term.

Future Prodigy, this isn’t really speaking to you’re questoin, but I love the way you describe yourself as an Anglican discerning conversion to either Catholicism (Eastern or Western) or Orthodoxy.

I’m a cradle Catholic myself, but *if *I were Anglican I think I would describe myself pretty much the way you do.

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