Do our guardian Angels get "recycled"?


I have always wondered if any Saints or any Bible verses discuss whether our guardian Angels are only assigned to each individual person while alive, or if they are also other people’s guardian Angles once we die. I have never heard much on that specific topic.


When you get to Heaven you can ask them.


Not 100% but I believe the teaching is that you get one Guardian Angel who is with you from conception to death. That Guardian Angel is believed to be with you as you ‘cross over’ (possibly helping you with this process) before returning to rest with God.

I have heard alternative views that they stay with you in purgatory/intercede on your behalf while you are in purgatory. Their absolute goal is to get you to heaven.

They don’t get ‘reassigned’. I suppose in a way, they are quite literally your ‘soulmate’.

They also are meant to love their ‘charge’ beyond measure. You can ask them to go and give extra help to other people as well (but they are not your spiritual butler).

I always imagined them standing nearby their ‘charge’ but I think it is more that they envelope around us.

An extra babysitter for God.


It is possible that it will be your guardian angel until eternity. There are angels in heaven, therefore it could have followed you until eternity or after its tour of duty, it will retire to become heavenly angels, singing praises to the living God.


I don’t think the bible tell us all that much about this, so it’s really all conjecture on our part. But this can be fun, so I shall carry on. :slight_smile:
If we presume that angels are literal beings which accompany us through life, then questions like this will naturally arise. If, on the other hand, angels, like God, are spiritual energy without form or spatial location, then we can expand our thoughts on this. I like to think of my guardian angel is loving energy that embraces, enfolds, and inhabits me. They are an extension of God, not his equal but greater than we are. Like us, multi tasking for these energies is not beyond the realm of possibility and I see no reason to believe their existence would be considered over when our bodies die.


Well, if they do get “recycled” I hope I’m doing a better job than the last guy!:wink:


Here is a link to an excellent series on angels:

Many theologians believe all the angles were created, billions of them, when God said let there be light!
There are 7 videos more you can find on the net.


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