Do our souls go to sleep when we die? (And more!) [Akin] appears on Catholic Answers Live in this episode of the podcast and answers these questions:

*]Do our souls go to sleep when we die? (3:00-8:25)
*]How to deal with an anti-Catholic husband? (11:45-19:35)
*]How to interpret 1 John 3:9? (19:40-24:53)
*]What does Scripture have to say about Tradition? (27:50-33:45)
*]Are the differences in the Gospels due to the audiences they are written for? (33:45-38:40)
*]Is it moral to sell your organs? (42:23-49:40)
*]Was Adam more culpable for the Fall than Eve? (49:45-53:00)
[/LIST](Original Airdate: November 19, 2013)


Check this out people. Should be lots of relevant information.

No it doesn’t go to sleep it goes in heaven,and during the judgement day your soul would be judged upon its purification.

That’s not true because I believe that it’s in 1 Corinthians it says that when we die our actions will be put to fire. When we die we don’t soul sleep, Jesus came for the resurrection of the body, if we say that soul sleep is true Jesus coming was for no good.

No, our souls do not sleep, or die!

I think Hebrews 9:27 says “just as each person is destined to die and after that comes judgement” and this can only mean our souls will be judged when a person dies.

Soul’s don’t sleep, they don’t die.


I recommend that everyone listen to the radio show.

The link I was following didn’t work. Can you post a link to listen?

Which makes sense, its just absurd for Christians to believe that our Soul sleeps. Their basically taking away from God’s greatness.

Try this.
Podcast: Play in new window | Download are passages in the Bible that speak of the dead as if they are asleep.

As a result, some Christians have adopted a view known as “soul sleep,” which holds that we are not conscious between our death and resurrection.

This would mean that the intercession of the saints would go out the window.

But are these verses meant to be taken literally?

What evidence do we have?

I go into that in the following video . . .


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