Do parents really cause same sex attraction?

Dr Nicolosi caused much grief to my wife when he said a mother causes her girl to be lesbian. I am really sad that we are somehow responsible for this affliction. I don’t think Dr Nicolosi’s theory is fact. My wife sacrificed her life for our children. It just seems cruel to blame a mother that loves her child for something so terrible as same sex attraction.


From his studies, Dr. Nicolosi has concluded that persons with same sex attraction have, for one reason or another, not identified with the parent of their own sex. This, in itself, does not mean that the parent is to blame. Certainly, it does not mean that the parent deliberately caused the child to not identify with him or her. The are many possibilities for such a dynamic to take place. Besides, we are all imperfect. There are no perfect parents. The Lord allows our weaknesses that a greater good my result. It remains for us to trust Him because we love Him.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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