Do parish preists go to adoration?

I wanted to know if anyone out there is lucky enough to have their parish priest go to adoration with them. I have never seen my priest or any priest do this. Do parish priest have their own blessed sacrament in their bedrooms where they sleep at night to adore or a reserved place just for for them?

I have seen my pastor in our adoration chapel. I have also seen other local pastors there from time to time.

I don’t see it that often. I have two regular hours and do try to get there other times. But I do see priests there

My men’s group asked our former priest about how he wrote his homilies (they’re astoundingly good), and he said a Sunday homily takes him upwards of eight hours from start to finish, but the first hour is just spent in adoration.

Monday 3-4 hour .(Associate Pastor)

our parish priest stays for Holy Hour Adoration every first friday morning after mass, and then comes back out of the kindness of his heart again from 7-8pm the same friday, tonight in fact :smiley: and supports our parish Holy Name Society chapter who sponsors an evening Holy Hour for the people who cant make it after the morning mass…then after adoration on first fridays, we do this…

part 1…

part 2…

if you are ever in Niagara on the Lake, Ontario, Canada…join us :thumbsup:

God Bless

I have seen my Preist sneek into the chapel during the Mass right before his:gopray:. I loved it and I thanked the Lord that he is my Pastor.:smiley:

We seldom have adoration at our church. But I make sure to go in at least once a week for an hour or so to pray. The last time I was there, our pastor walked in and sat in a pew to pray. He says sometimes even when he is very tired, he feels as though the Lord is drawing him there. After he said this, he encouraged everyone in the parish to drop by sometimes and pay the Lord a visit. I love that he practices what he preaches!

The priests at my church sometimes pray the Liturgy of the Hours or a rosary in the adoration chapel between the end of the 7:00 AM Mass and the start of the 9:00 AM Mass.

It’s one of my secret tricks to getting ahold of a priest… hang out around the adoration chapel at 8:30 AM. :wink:

Thomas Merton in “The Seven Story Mountain” wrote about his desire, if he couldn’t become a priest, to live under the same roof as the Blessed Sacrament. I don’t know if priests reserve the Sacrament in their bedroom - I wouldn’t think so but that’s really an interesting question… Don’t they carry the Blessed Sacrament around sometimes, along with the oils, for sacramental emergencies or when going on sick calls?

I know the Holy Father has his own private chapel and his own private confessor whenever he wants.


I don’t understand the question
if you are speaking of a formal Holy Hour with exposition of the Blessed Sacrament and Benediction, the priest has to be there. I have never been in a parish that does have regular times for exposition and adoration where the priest does not participate. \

If you mean you have a chapel where the blessed Sacrament is exposed for adoration by the faithful for a certain number of hours, either the priest or deacon can expose and repose. No priests do not customarily have a tabernacle in their bedroom, although if they live in a convent or monastery the house may have a chapel of reservation, where even Mass may be celebrated. Most priests I imagine simply spend part of their prayer time in front of the Blessed Sacrament in the church or chapel of the parish where they serve. And yes, they might prefer part of their prayer time to be private, so you might not know about it, and why should you?

It’s called a holy hour at our church but 2 lay people are the only ones there that take the blessed sacrament out of the tabernacle and put it on the alter on display. We sing and pray the litergy of the hours but there is never a priest there. Does a priest need to be there?

I haven’t seen my current priests at Adoration so I don’t know they go or not, but I used to see one of our former priests there often. :slight_smile:

We have Adoration once a week at my parish, which lasts from morning until night. I don’t know who takes our Blessed Sacrament out for display in the morning but in the evening we have Devotions and Benediction, run by one of our Deacons.

In our Church only priests set and remove the Eucharist for adoration. On Sundays there is 25 minutes adoration before Masses, the priest is present hearing confessions during the adoration. Today (first Friday) there was full day adoration, the priest chants the Liturgy of Hours with the seminarian who serves his inter time in regular times.

I rarely see my parish priest at the adoration hour, but our chaplan always celebrates it.

I have seen my priest in the pew during Adoration with exposition, and I’ve also seen him in the pew when there’s no Adoration.

so does the priest need to be there or is it approved that lay people have a key to the tabernacle?

Our pastor told us - when he first became our pastor - that he spends an hour a day in front of the Blessed Sacrament and that he prays for us.

Our parish does not have Adoration (other than Holy Thursday) and the church is always locked if there is not Mass, so wherever and whenever he spends that hour - it is not something seen by the parishioners. He may let himself in to the church and spend an hour there, or pray in the chapel at the diocesean offices where he also has duties.

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