Do Patrick Madrid and Michelle Arnold have different views on a certain matter?

Check this and this out to understand what I’m getting at. No offense, but stuff Mr. Madrid said in that one video has caused my anxiety to go up.

I agree with Patrick Madrid !00 %. One year my son was assigned a book to read in high school and it was full of that very problem. I refused to let him read it and I wrote a note to the teacher and voiced my objections and he assigned my son another book but the rest of the class still had to read it. My son fully understood why I objected and agreed with me. God Bless, Memaw

Certainly, no two people are going to have the exact same opinion on every subject matter. That should come as no surprise.

To the point, most people do not understand what it means to take the Lord’s name in vain. Simply using “vulgar” language is not sinful. Even saying “G-damn it” isn’t sinful if it is used in a simple ejaculatory manner with no thought or intention involved. Neither instance builds character but it isn’t a sin. Think of it this way; saying “gosh darn it” or “dang it” to avoid using “god” or “damn” is simply a question of semantics. It is the motivation behind the usage that makes it sinful. If one employs “g-damn you” in a presumptuous way that YOU stand in judgement of someone and YOU presume to condemn them, then that in itself would be sinful. Of course, we should never say things like that to avoid the sin of presumption but also out of respect for the Lord’s name. The one that I detest the most is when people use the name Jesus or Jesus Christ as an ejaculatory phrase of surprise, anger or whatever. The Holy Name of Jesus is sacred and should not be used in such a vain or idle way. The word “god” is not and that is what makes a difference.

Using the sacred in interjections is sinful in that it falls under the category of disrespect. The word ‘vain’, by definition’, is something that is used without purpose, or without yielding fruit (hence the statement sometimes used, “to die in vain”), or, that it is devalued.

As far as I am aware, this isn’t a subject of contention. Of course, because of its spontaneous nature, weeding this out of a person can take time & repetition, but at the same time, it isn’t outside of one’s ability.

Yes. they do have different opinions on the matter.

According to Dennis Prager, a Conservative Jewish commentator, taking G-d’s name in vain has nothing to do with exclamatory language. Rather, he states that it means condoning violent behavior by proclaiming G-d’s name, such as when one wages war or terrorism in the name of G-d. This means one is essentially stating that G-d defends the killing, whether intentional or unintentional, of innocent people.

I definitely agree with Patrick Madrid. How far would you go to defame our Lord in the name of ‘art’?

While it appears they have different views on the matter, they are also saying two totally different things.

Patrick is saying that it’s objectively sinful to willfully take a part in a play that does this. And I agree 100%. However, Patrick also says that subjectively, one might be less culpable if they are being forced. Though, Patrick rightfully says it’s still better to walk away from the play.

Think about it… the same thing would apply to graphic sex scenes & nudity.

Michelle is saying that part of a teacher’s role is to teach them how to handle objectionable material. She also suggests that a teacher should use this opportunity to teach about what the language means and why it’s considered sinful/wrong.

The two situations are different:

– Patrick is telling an individual, in no position of authority to refrain / protest / remove herself from a sinful situation.

– Michelle is telling the teacher, who IS in a position of authority to use this as an opportunity to educate the students regarding the sinfulness / wrongness of such language.

So while on the surface, they appear to be conflicting, the situations discussed differ enough that we are not “comparing apples with apples.”

God Bless

Patrick Madrid and Michelle Arnold are two of my favorite people.

I think most people know they are using God’s name in vain but just don’t give a hoot and slip into a bad habit of doing so without even trying to overcome it. I met a lady, (neighbor), many years ago that cussed like a trooper. I could hardly stand to talk to her at first, but then I finally asked her if she could try to avoid using God’s name in vain as it hurt me to hear her do it. Eventually she did quit doing that but it was quite awhile before she finally quit saying “Oh Gowd” every other sentence. She eventually came into the Church and we were very dear friends for over 30 years. Her husband became a Catholic and later died with a priest by his side. She also passed away with all the Sacraments of the Church. God Bless, Memaw

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