Do Protestants believe that Catholics are true Christians?


Do Protestants believe that Catholics are true Christians?

If not, why? What are the things all Christians must believe? What are the things that Christians can’t believe?


Too general a question, some do, some don’t, generally the ones that don’t wouldn’t call themselves protestants either, saying that they are ‘‘true’’ Christians, or ‘‘biblical’’ or ‘‘non-denominational’’.


I most certainly would agree that Catholics are true Christians. I do not believe that the Catholic Church is without error, but then neither is any other church.


In order to be true christians one must be born again. I do not believe that Catholics that JUST follow church teaching are born again therefore are not true christians.


This is a silly question. Of course they do. I always did as a Protestant. :shrug:


I’m certainly glad you feel this way. I know you’ve expressed this before, but as you likely know, there are many “Protestants” who would strongly disagree with you.

However, I would like to know on what basis one can be considered a Christian, and on what basis is one not a Christian?

Are Mormons Christian? Are Jehovah’s Witnesses Christian? I do not believe either these groups are Christian, as I understand it. I imagine you would agree.

As a Non-Catholic, you believe we are wrong in any number of areas. To you, at what point would you no longer consider Catholics as fellow Christians? For example, if Catholics started believing such and such…


Welcome home christcnection1, welcome Home. I agree with LCNCahtolic, your 1st ques. is too broad, and the answer would be some do and some don’t. IMHO most do.

As for your second question, I believe we have pretty well documented the essentials of Christian belief in the Nicean Creed, (our seperated brethern will argue whether the “C” in Catholic should be capitalized however).

I did some thinking earlier on another thread on some of the fundamental differences between Catholics and especilaly the more fundalmentalist non-catholics:

Anyone can learn more about these thoughts from the Micah Project, a ministry run by former non-catholic minister in 2 denominations, Michael Cumbie, who is now at Home in the CC, and who’s mission now is to tear down the wall that divides Catholics and non-catholics. He can explain it even more clearly than I can.

God Bless


That is a ridiculous statement. You give Protestants a bad name with this kind of talk. Why don’t you start by explaining what you think “born again” means?


A large percentage do not. When I was a Protestant I did not believe that most Catholics were Christian.

This is actually quite common. There are many Christians who believe that there are some genuine Christians in the Catholic faith. They are just very misguided ones, and few and far between.


So, with all due respect, let me get this straight ~ in order to be a “true Christian” so that I can be “saved” I, a Catholic, need to follow the rules of YOUR religion? perhaps in place of, but if not, at least in addition to the rules of MY religion?

I usually do not engage in this sort of discussion because so many people of this sort are so profoundly lacking in knowledge not only of the Catholic faith, but even of their own. But this was irresistible.

I find it very novel for anyone, of any faith, to contend that in order to be deemed a true “Christian” so that they can be “saved”, someone of one faith is required to follow the rules of ANOTHER faith. And yet it would appear that this is what is asserted here.

Here’s my take (it’s not anyone’s opinion but mine) ~ and bear in mind here that “not being saved” is just a nice way of saying someone is going to hell ~ I believe that the folks who are so fixed in their belief that only they are right, and everyone must believe as they do, or the fires of hell await them ~ THOSE folks are those that Jesus will say “I never knew you”.


Born of the Spirit.


A new being in Christ



Religion is man made.

Pretty straight forward. One must be saved in order not to go to hell. The Bible tells us how to be saved. Cut and dry.


Sounds like most of the Catholics I know! Of course the Lord is the ultimate Judge when it comes to this, but I was once falsely under the impression that Catholics were merely going through false religious traditions which led them away from the heart of Christ.

Since that time, I have not met more committed Christians than I find in the Catholic Church. I’m sorry you’ve experienced otherwise.

What’s your opinion on the hundreds of former Protestant ministers and pastors that have come to the Catholic Church within the last few years?

FYI… I love you and consider you a sibling in Christ.

God Bless,


And you believe that Catholics do not qualify because… ???

Be careful, especially if you truly know little or nothing of the Catholic faith, and most non-Catholics don’t (I’ve been a non-Catholic once!) the answer to that question may reveal nothing more than the exposure of your own lack of information.

So, we are happy to meet you and greet you here, but when you start to tell us what we are and what we aren’t, be careful to be right! :slight_smile:


Oh, OK, well then, since we Catholics are members of the actual church founded by Jesus Christ then I guess we’re all in good shape! THANKS!



As a former beliver that Catholics were not true christians, what changed your mind?


It’s no doubt common among converts in here as many seem to be from the far right fringes of fundamentalism. You don’t find this in the higher liturgical Churches or the more left side of Protestants. I surely wasn’t taught this growing up in the United Methodist Church or in the PCUSA Church. This anti-Catholic rubbish seems to come from one source, the far right. Just my opinion.


Hmm… Very long story. I hope to have a web version of my book soon; however, I would be happy to send you a free book on my conversion.

It was a combination of Biblical study, historical study, and many supernatural and miraculous events. The transition was not easy for me! There was a lot of research and even more prayer.

Since I made that leap (or “swam the Tiber”) I have experienced a deeper peace that passes all understanding, and have growth in authentic holiness and love. This has certainly been a grace-filled process and adventure.

Thank you for asking. If you’re interested in the book, please send me a PM. Although we may ultimately disagree, as a former Protestant who had a very negative opinion of the Catholic Church, perhaps I understand your sensitivities.

The only thing I can say to you is WOW!!! There are so many here who intensely love our dear Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I think you would be surprised. :slight_smile:

God Bless,


Indeed… But if they could only look into our hearts and see our love for Jesus, I believe their unwarranted fears and prejudices would greatly subside in an instant.

Although I believe they are misguided, most of them deeply love the Lord and desire the best for us too. It grieves me to think some of them feel this way…

Perhaps more dialogue in places like this will help them to look at us in a new light.

In Him,


We are born again into the Spirit through baptism. You are speaking of emotions lead by the Holy Spirit. All Christians experience Regeneration. We are forever converting to the will of God.

The whole “born again” thing is about renewing your faith. This is no different then what Catholics experience.

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