Do Protestants give things to God better than Catholics?


It seems many Protestants are better at letting go and letting God than Catholics are… I am not saying that is good or bad… because sometimes it definitely isn’t good… But still, it seems a lot of Catholics i know are… repressed… harbor bitterness… are too rigid in their beliefs… (I am as orthodox as anyone, though)… and evne cold-hearted…


I agree. It’s a sad truth.


I think this is going to vary according to who you come in contact with.

I’ve known non-Catholic Christians who will only pray when they can get something from God. They only talk to God when they need something. These particular individuals rarely thank God. This is only true for a very select few and DO NOT hold this to be true for all non-Catholic Christians. Yet there are also those non-Catholic Christians who are grateful and don’t mind letting God take control of their life. I’ve known Catholics who will thank God for the pain and suffering in their lives. But then I’ve also known Catholics who won’t pray at all and will say uncharitable things about God. It’s not non-Catholic or Catholic but the person.

In America, at least, there is this attitude that I can do anything and don’t need God, that I don’t need to rely on anyone or ask for help, that asking for help is weakness and even “gasp” wrong. I’ve actually come across people who think like that. It’s scary.

It’s the person, not the theology/beliefs of the person.

I think it depends on the spirituality and how and what a person was taught.


I’ve never seen this at my Parish.


This question is pointless and impossible to answer. The only thing posters can do is judge from what they have experienced, but that still does not answer the original question given in the title of the thread. This is an impossible judgment call to make, because in this case, it is silly to make huge generalizations that encompass billions of people based on our personal experience with only a handful.


Why worry about others. Worry about yourself.


that is a sweeping generalization about both Protestants and about Catholics, and I don’t know how you can possibly substantiate it. I also do not see what value such a discussion will have based on an assertion than cannot be proven. You have no knowledge whatever of the spiritual condition of any individual except yourself, so why are you drawing conclusions about it? Such speculation could be more profitably be directed to one’s own spiritual health and growth.


I’d have to agree. Only God knows my heart. My exterior actions should mirror my spirituality but who are others to judge??:shrug:


I have to say… This is an interesting topic. While I don’t agree that we give things to God a lot better than catholics it does bring the lesson I have been learning this past year or so into the light.

My stress level is HIGH. You can’t even imagine how any little thing would cause me to cry and just want to give up. :frowning: It’s horrible. About a year and a half ago I lost my job. This was the clincher. I remember just thinking how terrible this timing was and I just didn’t know what to do. What I realized that the time was this came a week before I was to be baptized. Huh… kinda strange huh? I think there was a force working behind the scenes that didn’t want me to focus on getting baptized but to add to the depression I was already dealing with so that maybe I wouldn’t get baptized. Anyways, I said out loud that this would not deter my need to be baptized and it WAS going to happen no matter what was thrown at me. Then before God I told Him that this was more than I could carry on my own that He would have to guide me in finding a job. Let me tell you, I lost my job on Friday and had one on the following Monday. I started the new job on Tuesday, got baptized the following Sunday and I have never been more amazed and in awe in my life!:thumbsup:

Then soon after that I was told that I was going to get kicked out of my place because the tarps on my roof were unacceptable and I need to fix my roof… Yeah, like I had the money for that! :frowning: Well, after I tried to do things myself and my stress level reached a boiling point I turned to God. “God, this is too much for me to work with on my own. Please guide me to where I need to go so that I do not become homeless!” Well, the next thing I knew something or Someone (Thanx God!) told me to talk to my church. While I just wanted information on who to contact that they may know God was working in the background and, well, my church just fixed my roof last weekend for FREE.

How awesome is God! :thumbsup:

Always keep God in the loop in your life. He stands and knocks at the door and all you need to do is open it in EVERY aspect of your life. Whether relationship-wise, financial-wise, or spirituality-wise. He is just waiting for you to admit that you can’t do it on your own and you need Him.


Isn’t it neat how God doesn’t beat us up for being Catholic or Protestant. He sees us for who we are; people coming to know Him the best we can. Maybe your post should shed the light needed for the unity Jesus so adamantly prayed for as described in the 17th chapter of John’s gospel…:slight_smile:

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