Do Protestants go to hell?

One of my friends said that because Protestantism was founded by a heretic, and if so, how will I convert my teacher without getting into trouble?

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Have you tried to look this up in the Catechism? It’s a much better source of information than what a friend tells you. Learning to look things up makes you much more independent.


If they willingly deny the truth of the Catholic Church, anyone can go to hell.

If they have never heard the truth of the Cuhrcu, they are invincibly ignorant, which means they have a chance of Heaven.

I would walk carefully- your teacher is your rightful superior and you need to be respectful.

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What class is your teacher teaching?

The bad fish will be separated from the good fish.
If someone goes to hell - they were meant to go there !
A bad tree CANNOT bear good fruit.
Goats will be separated from the sheep.
Why worry about a certain religious denomination ?

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Completing Maximillian75 answer:

  1. If someone willingly deny the truth of the Catholic Church while able to know that the true Church is the Catholic Church and died unrepentant, (s)he can go to hell.
  2. If someone have never heard or unable to know that the true Church is the Catholic Church, they are invincibly ignorant, which means (s)he will be on Heaven.
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Not nessecarily on point 2. They still must act according to natural law and conscience.


Catholics go to hell too, especially those Catholics who send others to hell through their rhetoric.



General Education, 5th Grade

Are you in 5th grade? Talk to your parents about how best to talk to your teacher. This article: may help.

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I’m sure folks on all sides will be alarmed at who is and isn’t in hell.


Catholics believe it is possible for non-Catholics to go to Heaven. We don’t know that it actually happens, but we believe it’s possible.

Pray for your teacher.


Although I am Catholic, I attend a Christian Reformed school. I see that many of the protestants (including my best friends) love God so much with all of their heart. I believe God is merciful and even though protestants don’t always follow the same teaching we do I think they will still go to heaven. However, I’m not sure what exactly happens either. Purgatory maybe?

Dear Elic,
Some will and some Catholics will go to hell. It will not be because of a religion, it will b/c they have died w/o repentance for sins.
What makes a judgement is God. That’s why scripture says,”JUDGE NOT AND BE THEE NOT JUDGED.!”
LOVE & Teach. Enjoy fellowship w those who believe in Jesus.
In Christ’s Love


Protestants will be judged,according to their good conscience ,but the rebellious, stubborn,who persist in their errors and inordinate teachings and reject the Truth,may go to hell ,like wise even if Catholic lead a bad sinful life, with out the Sacraments will go to hell.I have read some where as Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich saying, protestants would stay in Purgatory for a very only time, since they didn’t believe in the Sacrament of Confession though.

Just Lutherans… they serve lutefisk.

Best post on the thread; thanks tweedlealice!~ We are not to be the Judge of others. Show your love for your religion and ask if someone has any questions you can answer for them and answer them,

If you don’t know the answer tell them you will find out. Your joy in your life and service to others will be a bigger attraction than any “religious discussion.”

God bless you!~

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Anyone who believes that Christ died for their sins and accepts Him as their savior will be in heaven. Whether they are Protestants, Catholic, Wesleyan, whatever. That’s just religion. What matters is their relationship with Jesus and their acceptance of His gift of eternal salvation through his death and resurrection. Be blessed!


From the Baltimore Catechism;

Q. 510. Is it ever possible for one to be saved who does not know the Catholic Church to be the true Church?
A. It is possible for one to be saved who does not know the Catholic Church to be the true Church, provided that person:
1.(1) Has been validly baptized;
2.(2) Firmly believes the religion he professes and practices to be the true religion, and
3.(3) Dies without the guilt of mortal sin on his soul.

Q. 511. Why do we say it is only possible for a person to be saved who does not know the CatholicChurch to be the true Church?
A. We say it is only possible for a person to be saved who does not know the Catholic Church to be the true Church, because the necessary conditions are not often found, especially that of dying in a state of grace without making use of the Sacrament of Penance.

The short answer to your question is that people of all religions (Catholic, Protestant, non-Christian, etc) and no religion can go to hell.

God does not send people to hell simply for not being Catholic. it is a more complicated question than that and the current Catechism (which is more complex than the simplified Baltimore Catechism that was posted) recognizes that Protestants may actually be in communion with the Catholic Church in various ways, such as through participating in sacraments that the Catholic Church recognizes. For example, the Catholic Church recognizes the Trinitarian baptism of a number of Protestants. A Protestant might also marry in the Catholic Church.

The state of mind of the person who is deceased, which is something known only to God, is a large factor, as is how they lived their life in general and why they were Protestant. Obviously if they are Protestant because that’s how they were raised by their parents, it’s a different situation than if they were raised Catholic and willfully turned their back on the Church.

It is not as simple as “You’re Protestant so you’re going to hell unless you convert.” it seems quite possible, even likely, that there are Protestants who went to heaven and Catholics who went to Hell. In any event, we do not know with certainty where any particular person might end up or has already ended up, as it is a decision made by God, so we need to avoid acting like we know for sure that anyone, such as a Protestant, definitely went one place or the other.

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