Do protestants have daily services?

Do protestants have daily services like Catholics have daily Mass?

Typically no, at least in America, though larger churches in urban areas may do so, depending on the communion / denomination


Occasionally the more evangelical kind will have “revivals” which involve nightly services for a week or more, featuring a guest speaker or speakers. When I was growing up in the Pentecostal church, we had “revivals” every three or four months, depending on the church’s finances.

I’d say no, as I have asked my Protestant brethren the same question, and they responded with, "We go to church either on Sundays or Wednesdays, whatever fits your schedule, but as for daily, (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday) we don’t go to church, as our church does not offer daily services.

Hi victrolatim!!! My experience here in S.E. Texas is that our Protestant brethren seem to hold services mainly on Sunday morning and Wednesday nights. Also like the previous post, there are many revivals that go on here throughout the year. There is a yearly event that comes here called Hot Hearts. It usually lasts from Thursday evening through Sunday morning. It is actually a music festival with big name Christian rock bands and pop bands. I have been to this event several times, SKILLET always plays and I am a big fan of their music. It is a Protestant setting and message, but I have seen a lot of teenagers become interested in Our Lord through this event!
I hope I was able to help your understanding a little bit!!!:slight_smile:


I’ve heard of some Anglican churches doing daily morning and evening services (I think that follow the morning and evening prayer from the Daily Office), but I think it’s pretty rare. I don’t think they involve a Eucharist. We do Eucharist on Sunday monring and Wednesday evening. We are on our own for morning and evening prayer.

yes most episcopal churches will have a daily service or perhaps a service midweek and they receive communion at these services.

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Since Anglican practice is introduced here (I never reply to a question of protestant practice), Morning/ Evening Prayer daily. Mass Sunday and Monday. Mass Tuesday at the Chapel we have on the local university, and Evensong there, Sunday evening,

This is expanded, as to the daily Morning/Evening Prayer, since the arrival of a new curate.

It is difficult to generalize because it varies among denominations,culture etc. My church for example does nightly services except for mondays and saturdays. But other churches may not do this.

It depends on the denomination, needs of the community and the area.

Generally speaking during advent and lent, the answer is yes. Some Anglican churches in the downtown core will offer daily midday services. Otherwise depending on the size of the congregation, services will be offered Sunday and sometimes Saturday. I know the Pentecostal church near my house has services three times on Sundays at 9am, 11am and 6pm. It seems to be well attended.

That said, most Protestant churches offer other activities during the week which encourage individuals to grow in their faith such as: bible studies, prayer evenings, faith enrichment groups, choir practice and other activities according to the needs of the community. In summary, most do not offer weekday services but they do have other activities which encourages faith enrichment.

In my church (Episcopal) we only have healing services once a week or every third/every other Wednesday, or something to that effect. I have not belonged to a parish that has had daily services.

So do some/all denominations follow the concept of a “Sunday obligation” or does not attending service hold no consequence as it does in the Catholic faith?

Many (but not all) Churches of Christ (not United Church of Christ) do. They are the only ones I know of. Most non-Roman Catholics would be hesitant to claim there was a “consequence” lest they be accused of following a “works” based salvation.

This isn’t to say you aren’t obligated to attend, there’s just little to no threat if you don’t, other than to question your dedication, and thus ask the question, “are you sure you’re saved?”

If they are Bible believing, then they take seriously the Scriptural admonition to not forsake the assembly, but this doesn’t have to be a Sunday thing. If you work on Sunday, but go to the mid-week service, then I think most Protestant churches would consider you faithful.

To the original question, no church I’ve been a part of has had daily services. Our church used to have two services on Sundays (morning and evening). You had just enough time to eat dinner and take a nap before you were back in church and sometimes we wouldn’t get out until midnight.

Now, we have one service in the mornings on Sundays. On Wednesday nights, we have a midweek service. On Tuesdays, our youth meet for preaching, worship, and fellowship. Other groups in our church, like the women’s fellowship, will have their own meetings that will include a Bible lesson and fellowship.

Someone else mentioned revivals. Those can require an intense investment of time. We once had a revival that was originally planned to be a 1 week thing, but it went on for a month or more.

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