Do satanists . . . .


. . . .believe the bible is corrupt because it states that God wins in the end?


Satanism is a very chaotic and disordered religion (if you could call it a “religion”). The specific beliefs of each individual within that group vary tremendously. What’s ironic is that most seem to deny the existence of the “Christian Satan” to begin with, which they label as a silly joke, and claim that they are actually worshipping themselves.

If only they realized one of the evil one’s very favorite tactics is to convince people he does not exist. By “worshipping themselves”, they are doing his very will anyway. :frowning:


Satanism is a religion based upon the philosophy of Anton Szandor LaVey as outlined in The Satanic Bible and other works.

“Satan” is appropriated as a positive symbol of this worldview, an archetype or the ultimate symbol of the self and egotism. LaVey explains that Satan is only a symbol in an interview with Washington Post magazine.

“Satan is a symbol, nothing more,” LaVey says. “Satan signifies our love of the worldly and our rejection of the pallid, ineffectual image of Christ on the cross.”

Satanism at least in this regard does not think/teach that any God or diety exist. In their words, they are all man made creations.



Since satan himself quoted scripture, do satanists consider Sacred scripture to be corrupt?

Are satanists particularly anti-Christ or anti-any-other-god?


What I am trying to say is that they believe in no God, or Satan, only themselves.


From what I know of Lavey Satanism, Scripture is corrupt and the people in it are corrupt. They view much of the dialogue and stories to be mythical and allegorical, not factual. They are particularly anti-Christ because of the behavior and beliefs of many Christians. And yes, they are basically anti-any-other-god, because they view themselves as gods.

But, Lavey Satanism is only the visual Satanism that we know of . We know him and his followers because of the “Church of Satan” (very public) and because of Lavey’s “Satanic Bible” which is also very public. But, Satanists can be any number of variety of practictioners. They can be loners or they could be organized. The loners would be difficult to figure out because their beliefs vary. The organized ones are the easier ones.



Satanism is so varied and the dangerous ones masquerade as non dangerous sects, so dont expect to get a truthful answer that you can trust.


There is not one satanism.


I’m not sure about it, but Philosophical Satanism (or some call it LaVeyan Satanism, after COS founder Anton La Vey) doesn’t think so, IMO. I’m not entirely sure about that though…


Satanism, in the sense of the game LaVey made up, does not. They deny the existence of the Christian Satan, and are, in essence, just extreme Libertarians who like to play games. Also, generally, they are wannabe Goths straight out of Johnny the Homicidal Maniac.

Real Satanism, in the sense of the conscious, mystical choice of evil in all its forms, doesn’t, either, because it knows who it’s worshipping and it knows who’ll lose. It, however, is very rare. Unconscious Satanists are only slightly more common; an example would be Navajo witches and Skinwalkers (I can’t, in intellectual honesty, deny their existence a priori–I’ve heard too much eyewitness testimony). They deny the Christian Scriptures, too.


:eek: Probably.Satanists existed long before Anton le Vey came along.In a book of medeival heriseies I have,a group known as the Lucifierians is mentioned.They worshiped Lucifier,another name for Satan.In France during the time of louis the Fourteenth,there was a court scandal known as the Affairs of the Poisons.
One of the king’s mistresses was involved and i believe attended black masses.These are paradies of the true mass.Using a nude woman’s body as an altar,using blood and stolen consecrated hosts,etc.
True worshipers of Satan don’t broadcast it like people who are followers of LeVey.The real true and authentic worshiper of Satan is not impressed with these people by any means and most likely looks down on them if not even despising them for bringing notice to their worship.

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