Do scorpions count as meat?

I’ll be going to the Calgary Stampede tomorrow, and hopefully, I’ll be able to avoid meat, but do scorpions or mealworms constitute as meat? Scorpion and mealworm pizza is served there.

Scorpions and mealworms are arthropods, so they would be classified the same as crab, lobster, shrimp, and so on. They are not vertebrates, like fish, chicken, pork, beef.

Its not lent so you are permitted to eat meat on Friday. However I admire your zeal.

And you’d rather eat that than just stick to cheese and tomato pizza?? :eek:


Unless you intentionally choose some other form of penance/abstainence. You are bound by the Friday rule. If the OP has chosen the preferred and normative practice of abstaining, from meat then, lent or not, this should be obeyed.

But yes, OP, I believe you are ok with scorpions and such… Though that is not my taste. Were you to eat meat (at a rodeo near my old home town we would partake in “rocky mountain oysters,” which are testicles you would need to substitute the idea of penance with something else, which could be of your choosing.

When the church says “meat” it means mammals and birds. Fish, reptiles and, yes, insects do not fall into this category.

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