Do SDA's believe in the rapture the same as Protestants do?


Do you believe in the rapture as well? Are there similarities between your beliefs? Why am I asking? To help myself better understand both beliefs. Are your beliefs the same as Protestant belief? Are yours similar as I think to the jw belief, minus the blood issue? Would you mind contrasting these beliefs for me? The more I know, the more I can have intelligent discussion with both groups. Protestant and SDA’s can lay it out for me if you’d be so kind as to enlighten me on the same things you believe, or the differences. Thanks in advance for your help.


As a cradle Baptist I was taught that the Dispensational, Pre-Tribulation, Rapture was a doctrine taught by Paul himself to all the Churches he either founded or visited on his missionary journeys. While still nominally Baptist I met and married a wonderful SDA girl and let me tell you…the SDA most definitely do NOT believe in the rapture as taught in Dispensationalism. It was a hotly disputed subject between my future wife and I until love taught us to keep our mouths shut:p
The SDA believe that the true Church (read the SDA) will be persecuted and tortured by the Anti-Christ during the Tribulation. They adamantly believe that a Pope will be the Anti-Christ and the great whore of Babylon is the RCC. I was taught much the same thing as and about the SDA, but as a Baptist it was more academic as we wouldn’t be here any way and the SDA would be because they weren’t “saved.” So in a way we thought they were at least partially right.

Does this help answer your question? Or was I about as clear as mud?:smiley:



My Philomena,

Adventists do not beleive in the rapture of the Church, as do others. They are post-millineal. They believe that Christ will visibly come to earth, and those that are alive along with the righteous dead will go back to Heaven with Christ, for a thousand years. After 1000 years, the second resurrection of the dead will take place, which is the resurrection and judgement of the wicked. After the judgement, Christ re-creates the New Earth and the New Jerusalem will descend out of Heaven, to the earth. Christ will then reign with the saints on earth for eternity. This is a brief summary of their beliefs as it pertains to the end times. They beleive “every eye shall see Him” when he comes, thus no secret rapture.


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