Do the angels need salvation?

I need a bit of help with a discussion that’s taking place on another forum. We’re discussing Mary, and I brought up the fact that she was saved by being prevented from falling into sin. I got the following response:

Well, the obedient angels haven’t fallen at all either. Nobody speaks of them as being saved.

How should I respond? I have a few thoughts in mind:

  1. I suppose we could speak of the obedient angels as having been saved
  2. The reference in Romans to “all have sinned” in Romans 3:23 refers to humans, not angels
  3. The fact that nobody refers to the obedient angels in this manner does not detract from the manner in which Our Lord saved Mary

Thanks in advance,

The Angels were given a choice one time only. Satan and others chose to reject God. The other chose to love God. Satan and his lot are damned while the ones who chose God are saved.

Hi Dan,

I think that you might want to point out that the angels were not de facto going to inherit a sinful condition. In other words their union with God was not already lost prior to their creation, and thus there was nothing to be saved from. Furthermore, since angels do not have a corporate identity – they are not part of an “angelic race” but rather unique individual creations they were not all bound like we are by their representative’s sin (Adam, in our case).

Any of that make any sense?
God Bless,

[quote=Verbum Caro]Any of that make any sense?

Makes sense to me - thanks for the help!

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