Do the Carthusians have a moral responsibility to vote?

They don’t get to view the mass media so how would they know who to vote for?

If they are excused, why not me too since I live mostly in silence and solitude and seldom get any news.

It’s Christmas day Robert.
Be blessed.

It’s just that I experience such separation anxiety being away from my CAF family! Merry Christmas!

Without being greatly familiar with the Carthusians in particular, I see no reason that those in religious orders should not vote. If they do not, a good upright Catholic candidate could loose thousands of votes that might make all the difference. Everyone, laity, religious, priests right up to the Pope can vote and should do so to help build a better world.

As long as they produce Chartreuse their contribution to the world is confirmed.

Thank you. On St. Stephen’s day (tomorrow) take a walk and feed the birds.
Smell the crisp air, give thanks.

The monks at the Charterhouse of the Transfiguration in the state of Vermont apparently do not vote. It is seen as an exercise of imposing their self- will. A lot of these monks likely have no idea who Barack Obama is. That’s how closed off they are from the world.

They are indeed blessed.

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