Do the other abrahamic religions have saints?

In christianity, people are sometimes deemed to be saints if they were really holy in their lives.
The process differs from one denomination to the next, which is why I didn’t list the process the Catholic Church uses for determining if someone is a saint.

It is also important to note that angels are also sometimes considered saints.

My question is this; do the Jewish and Islamic religions have saints? If not, do they have something similar?

Yes the Sufi sect of Islam has saints.

Judaism- IIRC, they do honor ones righteous ancestors, although I don’t know that they use the word “saint”

“High Church” Protestants (Lutheranism, Anglicanism, Episcopalianism…)- They recognize many of the same saints as we do. But they, like Catholics, will also use the term to mean anyone who’s made it to Heaven.

Other Protestants (Evangelicals, Baptists…)- “Saint” still means anyone who’s been saved, but due to OSAS and the Sinner’s Prayer, it refers to all believers.

Islam- I… don’t really know enough to say.

Shi’a Muslims venerate saints as well, and will make pilgrimages to the tombs of particularly important Imams. to seek their intercession.

In Shia Islam we have the 12 Imams than can be considered saints. These twelve people are divinely appointed successors of the Prophet and receive divine knowledge by which they guide the people. They are considered immaculate and infallible.

Baha’is consider some of their more illustrious followers as saints, although there is no official canonization process.

In my school of thought, there are people who we call ‘awliya’, which is derived from the arabic word ‘wali’-- and ‘wali’ has a number of different possible meanings. It’s a title given to extraordinarily pious muslim men/women. There’s no official declaration of who is and who is not a wali of Allah, in spite of what some sufi orders will tell you. Some examples of awliya who have appeared throughout history are people like Imam al-Ghazali, Rumi, Abdul Qadir Jilani, Khidr [though this is heavily disputed], Ahmad Sirhindi, Junaid of Baghdad, etc. [may Allah have mercy on them]

Some saints have performed miracles, but performing a miracle is not necessary to be a saintly person. There are those who call on certain awliya in prayer, but in light of Qur’anic scripture, I believe that that practice is sinful.

Shia who flagellate themselves which is against Islam and Sufi who use hallucinogenic drugs which is also against Islam have saints.

Worshipping saints is against Islam and this is clear in the Quran.

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