Do the saints go to Purgatory?

I am confused about heaven and purgatory! Everybody has a different opinion! Isn’t there a clear teaching from our Church?
I believe Mother Mary went straight to heaven and also think many of our saints did! But am I correct? Or does everybody have to go to purgatory first? Surley if you receive the last sacrament before you die you would be free from sin and go straight to heaven…no? Please can anybody give me a clear answer. Would really appreciate it! Thanks in advance!:slight_smile: Kind regards from the confused Hedschie.

  1. Purgatory is a process of purification because of sin. Mary, from the moment of her conception, was kept safe from sin by the grace of God. Thus Mary would have had no need to go through a process to purify her soul from sin. When we celebrate the Assumption we are celebrating that Mary was assumed body and soul into heaven.

  2. When the Church declares someone a saint She is saying that the person is in heaven. That does not mean the individual did not go through the purification of Purgatory but that the individual has completed that process and now enjoys the fullness of the beatific vision.

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