Do the Saints intercesse for us, even in a state of mortal sin?

It’s just a question on my mind, seeing as how I haven’t gone to Confession since November, thus more or less stopping me from going to Mass for a while. The question crept into my head whether or not the Saints or Our Blessed Mother pray for us to the Lord despite us being in a state of mortal sin? Or does being in such a state divorce us from any such intercession? Does the Church have anything to say on a situation where one is in mortal sin, does that disqualify them fromany intercession on the part of the Saints or the Blessed Virgin Mary? I would very much appreciate a response in this regard my friends, and pray for me that I will soon make reparations and curb my sinful ways. Thank you for reading my friends.

God bless you.

First of all, even if one is in a state of mortal sin, that does not mean that we should not attend Mass.

To answer your question, certainly the saints pray for us when we are in a state of sin. They certainly pray for our repentance and that we will get to Confession.

If anything they probably would pray and intercede more. Where there is much sin grace is there much more.

yes. :thumbsup:

Of course they pray for us! I constantly pray “for those in a state of mortal sin, especially those who see no need for repentance.”

If I can be inspired to pray this way, how much more the Saints in heaven who understand fully what an unrepentant soul risks losing!

When Our Father is angry we can go to Our Mother to intercede on our behalf.


Being in a state of sin shouldn’t keep you from mass- you just can’t receive holy communion. In fact, you compound your sin (add additional sin) each time you miss Sunday mass. Our obligation is to be present at mass, not to receive. We are only obliged to receive once per year during the Easter season (and to confess any grave sin before hand of course). Being present at mass, even if you can’t receive, can bring about the graces you need to get to confession. I speak from personal experience. Many times I have not been able to receive at Sunday mass due to sin.
Our Lady and the saints still pray for us :).

Thank you all for your insightful comments, I now realize it has been particulary rash and nonsensical to avoid Mass, so thank you for bringing this to me. I cannot honestly tell you how many times the Faith has lapsed in recent moments, not in terms of stopping practicing but rather just falling away slightly. Yet, it always come back surprisingly! I’ve been reading “How the Catholic Church Built Western Civilization” by Thomas E. Wood and it has instilled a great sense of pride and acknowledging the integral role the Church has played throughout history. Needless to say, one quote stuck out and although I can’t remember vividly, it played along the lines of this; you could become a great man like Saint Thomas Aquinas, Saint Augustine or Charlemagne or could you fall pray to your desires, no better than a beast.

I’ve two other books to read at the moment; “The Life and Times of Constantine the Great” by D. G. Kousoulas (RIP) and “Europe and the Faith” by Hillaire Belloc, both books I would readily recommend! Nonetheless, I have another question to ask, and it actually has to do with Constantine. Although he is considered a saint in the Eastern Catholic Churches, would it be alright if I prayed for his intercession?

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