Do the Saints still ask Mary for her prayers?


I’m just thinking of the many saints who had such a profound devotion to Mary during their lifetimes. As she is still the Queen of Heaven and Mediatrix of all graces, do the saints in heaven ask her intercession, even though they are in beatific union with God?


Those in Heaven do not need prayers.


True, those in Heaven do not need prayers… But what about those they love on earth? If a Saint had a Son or Daughter hear on earth that need prayer, do you think the that Saint would ask Mary to intercede?

I really don’t think there is anyway we could know or sure… Unless someone has been their and observed, then returned to let us all know.


Will B.


We have a hard enough time trying to explain to Protestants why we pray to saints for intercession. It would be impossible to explain praying to a saint to pray to Mary to intercede. Personally I don’t believe such a thing.



The whole theory has gotten way out of hand. We go from theologizing to mythmaking and don’t know where one stops and the other starts.


They wouldn’t need to. Mary, in her role as Advocatrix (Advocate) is constantly interceding for all of humanity without having to be asked, rather as she did at Cana but on a cosmic scale. And yes, that includes people who don’t believe in praying to her and have never asked for her prayers as well!


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