Do the US Bishops deny the perpetual virginity of Mary?


In Fundamentals of Catholic Dogma by Ludwig Ott it is stated:
Virginity before birth:

  1. Mary conceived by the Holy Ghost without the cooperation of man - De fide.

  2. Virginity During the Birth of Jesus
    Mary bore her son without any violation of her virginal integrity. De fide on the ground of the general promulgation of doctrine.

3.Virginity after the birth of Jesus
Also after the Birth of Jesus Mary remained a Virgin. De fide


Review of “Catholicism” by the National Council of (US) Catholic Bishops’s, Committee on Doctrine (April 9, 1996 – see link) …’Although Catholicism does not arrive at any explicit conclusions as to the status of the belief in the perpetual virginity of Mary, the description of the history of the development of this belief gives the impression that rather than a truth that the church only gradually uncovered, the belief in the perpetual virginity of Mary was a creation of the third-century church as part of its program to promote virginity and asceticism.

Who is correct, Ott or the Bishops’ Commission?


Wow! That statement of the bishops’ committee has been severely quoted out of context. The statement was made in the committee’s review of the book Catholicism by Fr. McBrien – not in the committee’s review of the Catholic faith. The book was criticized for its inaccurate and misleading statements.

To read the full review in context see Review of Fr. McBrien’s “Catholicism” by the NCCB’s Committee on Doctrine.

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