Do the Voices of the Hell exist?



A time ago I listened in Internet the recording that is called Sounds of the Hell, that I read was recorded by people that were doing excavations in Siberia.

Do you know if subsequently some serious investigation was done on the matter?

And does anyone know some opinion of the Church about it?

Grace be with you.


The origins of that story (that the Russians put a microphone in the center of the Earth and heard screams in Hell) is from the Weekly World News, a parody tabloid that is now defunct.
Fundamentalists however hopped on the story and will insist that it is true. I remember telling one preacher, after I heard him cite this in one of his evangelistic sermons, that it was a hoax.
His reply was "well, if somebody gets saved out of it, who will know?’


It never happened. That was just one of those wild things or urban legends the southwest bible church radio program said way back in the 70’s or 80’s.


I don’t understand why anyone could be so naive and gullible to even think such a stupid thing could be true.


People WANT to believe it. Hoax photos of ‘living dinosaurs’ are circulated among fundamentalists to prove the Genesis Creation account to be true. I for one do not believe in evolution and believe the words of the Creed: “Creator of Heaven and Earth”, but I certainly don’t need falsisity to prove it.


Hell doesn’t exist here on earth.
**Well, maybe on Mondays at the office, but . . .:smiley: **


Thanks to all for their answers.

According I had read in the Bible, when a person dies, immediately goes to a Judgment, where later the Soul goes to the Sky, to Hell or the Purgatory, according the explanation of the teaching of the Church, and is after the Resurrection of dead, when the person, in Body and Soul, goes then to the presence of God or is sent to the Hell, that will be in a specific place, and perhaps the question of many is if that specific place is the Earth’s center.

What do you think about it?

Something curious is that Dante’s Hell in the Divine Comedy is in the Earth’s center.

Grace be with you.


This might be bolonga but it was the first thought that entered my mind:

Not until the second coming and the time of the general judgement will we be reunited with our bodies. Presently, our souls, only, go either to be with God in Heaven or are cast into hell.

Without bodies, how could we make a sound that would excite a microphone?


But what about of the narrative of Saul’s visit to the witch of Endor (1 Samuel 28)?

It is interesting that independently of whom have been who appeared, there speaks someone that does not have body.

Grace be with you.


“Speaks”, may mean to the inner ear. Such as when the little devil on one shoulder or the little angel on the other speaks to us. As when we are tempted to do evil or prompted by the Holy Spirit to do good. Such “speaking” would not excite a man made diaphram in a microphone.

It may be a silly point, just a thought.


It’s not particularly “curious” if by that you mean an unusual coincidence. The idea that hell is at the center of the earth is a traditional one and obviously has influenced both Dante and modern fundamentalists. Hell is the “underworld” and it’s natural to think of it as literally beneath our feet. (In Charles Williams’ novel All Hallows’ Eve, Hell is the London Underground!) However, I don’t think it has ever been official Church teaching.



The assumption that heaven is up and hell is down is based on the cosmology of the book of Genesis. It also would imply that earth is the center of the universe which some still believe. Jesus ascended, however I think that Church teaching is that heaven, hell, and purgatory are states of being and not a place. Grandpa Ed’s soul may actually be right beside you and you would never know. He doesn’t take up even a smidgin of space.


Sincerely I don’t think that the Church teach seemed, because the Bible says that the Heaven is a place (John 14:2) and the Hell is also a place (Luke 16:24).

Maybe the discussion be with respect to the Purgatory, to seem that is also a place (Luke 12:59), but also is understood like you say.

Grace be with you.


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