Do those in heaven know when the end of the world will be?

Jesus said that no one knows except for the father in heaven. But, that does not exclude necessarily, the people in heaven now. We know many Marian apparitions have prophesied the antichrist like our lady of la salette. In fact this is one of the reasons why I reject many of these apparitions. (Of course, I respect that the church has found them authentic.) so I guess what I’m saying is, do the saints in heaven now know when that fateful day will be?

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That there will be or is an “Antichrist” was revealed before the death of the last Apostle and is Scriptural, but just because it was revealed does not mean there is knowledge of when the end will occur. Mary never says or implies she knows when the end will occur–she only has supposedly said “soon”–a date has never been given. Jesus said only the Father knew. I have no reason to doubt His words.

Our understanding of time doesn’t relate to the hereafter. For example, St Padre Pio prayed for the soul of great grandfather who I think was dead before he had ever been born, and when asked about it, he responded that praying for that soul is no different in relation to time as praying for a soul who died yesterday. You could theoretically pray for the soul of a deceased soldier from the Roman Empire at the present moment.

There are varying understandings of that particular passage. St Aquinas believed that Jesus Christ does in fact know when the end will be and he was speaking so as to say, “One should always be prepared to meet their Maker in friendship at any given point in time”. So it may or may not be that the saints have this knowledge.

Once the Antichrist is born into this world, I would think they know the timeline has begun.

They probably do not know the exact day, but in general, they likely know its going to be within the next 40-50 yrs (once the true AC is born).

Something else too, Satan will know when, because he will know who the AC is once he is born, so he will know a few decades in advance at least.

Only God the father knows the exact day this will happen, but nothing preventing others in heaven as well as the devout, to to know when the ‘season’ is here. If Jesus did not mean for us to recognize the season, why give such precise warnings to watch for?

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