Do U boycott?

That was a false report, Ford continues to support gay agendas.

FOrd has bad cars any way

I most definitely boycott! First and foremost, spiritual/religious/moral reasons, environmental reasons (God’s creation), and justice.

“The Pro-Life Movement will succeed only to the extent that pro-life people are willing to be inconvenienced.” Douglas R. Scott

Currently, our family boycotts the following: Wells Fargo Bank, Chase, and Bank of America, Merck pharmaceuticals (Propecia, Singulair, Zocor), B]Buffalo Exchange retail, Unilever

(which includes foods Lipton, Adolph’s, Bertolli, Birds Eye, Blue Bonnet, Carb Options, Chicken Tonight, Country Crock, Fleischmann’s, Hellman’s, I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter!, Imperial, Knorr, Lawry’s, Promise, Ragu, Skippy, Slim Fast, Wish Bone, Ben & Jerry’s, Breyers IC, Creamsicle, Fudgsicle, Good Humor, Popsicle, Viennatta; other items like: perfumes from Axe, Calvin Klein, Latitude/Longitude … (continues forever…)

I hope you live on a totally self-sufficient farm! Do you produce your own electricity via wind or water power to run your computer…?. I hope so, or you should shut down & shut up because the power companies support anyone who pays the bill… !
How about boycotting products not produced within our own country (meaning USA, or your own country)?? Regardless of moral standpoint, get the supply back home! Buy American, and support Union Labor!

I don’t boycott. I see no value in it. Further, depending on the nature of the boycott, I may go out of my way to patronize the subject of a boycott.


I was part of a boycott that caused a major icecream chain to stop giving money to Planned Parenthood…no value? Ford is being boycotted by thousands, perhaps millions, because of their funding of homosexual groups and activities–they continue to lose business and will likely be forced to change their path…no value?

but you didn’t answer the question: Do U boycott?
and about buying American:
what type of soap do you use? what kind of car do you drive? what gasoline do you buy? where do you grocery shop?
what restaurants do you frequent? do you stay in motels any?
give us some ideas?

Little Mary,
I don’t know anything about the Arbonne company, but Alphagraphics (graphics/printing) does support Planned Parenthood. So does Adobe (which many use with their computers!).

Good for you! No matter how hard or time consuming it is, IMO we should do our best to avoid companies who support Planned Parenthood, March of Dimes and others as we find out about them. I just recently found out about Circuit City and Wachovia.
I will have to write a letter to them so they will know why I won’t deal with them any more!

how do u know adobe does?

It has been checked and documented by Life Decisions International where you can obtain a Boycott List through the mail. They also send a checkbook size one for your purse or in the car.

For those of you who don’t think boycotting is a good strategy for achieving social change, see

and who made this boycott list?

I wrote who published it at the beginning of the post:

Did you visit the website? Your questions can be answered there.
Here is some information:
Corporate Funding Project Frequently Asked Questions

How is it decided that a company should be added to The Boycott List? What does a company have to do to get off The Boycott List?

The Boycott List includes corporations that have donated to Planned Parenthood–at any level, in any amount–within the past five years, but whose officials refuse to say donations will not be made in the future. Some corporate officials claim they no longer support Planned Parenthood. If officials refuse to say donations will not be made in the future, the company remains on The Boycott List until grants to Planned Parenthood have ceased for five years. This is done to prevent corporations from donating five-times as much money every five years and claiming for four years that they do not support Planned Parenthood. Therefore, do not be surprised if a corporation responds that it is not supporting Planned Parenthood. (LDI contacts each corporation on a regular basis to afford their leaders an opportunity to let us know if they qualify to be removed from The Boycott List.)

The Boycott List does not include every corporate supporter of Planned Parenthood, but only those that have been investigated and given “due process.” All corporations listed have received information about Planned Parenthood, along with a request that support cease. A corporate name is added to The Boycott List only if, after a reasonable amount of time, its leaders refuse to change the philanthropic practice. Remarkably, to date, 98 corporations are known to have stopped supporting Planned Parenthood. This is due to the prayers, activity, commitment and persistence of people like you.

LDI does not track grants made to Planned Parenthood through matching gift programs. These are employee-driven donations, not corporate. LDI does, however, track gifts in-kind.

A company will be dropped as a boycott target if it stops funding Planned Parenthood for at least five years (automatically) or if a corporate official states that the pro-abortion groups will be made ineligible for support in the future (immediate removal from The Boycott List).

I hope this helps. Many times it is public record or searching for grants to planned parenthood that is then documented. See website:

God bless!

"The Pro-life Movement will succeed only to the extent that pro-life people are willing to be inconvenienced."Douglas R. Scott, Bad Choices: A Look Inside Planned Parenthood:thumbsup:

I do not “flat out” boycott a company because of their marketing or sales techniques…but I will turn my business away from non-Union or non-American supplied companies… (Walmart/Sam’s for instance).

As a small business owner myself (and investor in 2 other small businesses) we target the market(s) that is buying or interested in our product. Plain & simple. (If PP, the Gay Coalition, or “Co-habitate without conscience…etc.” is buying our products, I’m not going to cut my own throat… I’ve got bills to pay the same as anyone!)

My partners and I are in business to make a profit. Without profit we are not a business, we are a hobby or charity service.

The suppliers for “our” businesses are 80% American and try to keep them local! We could probably make 20%+ more annually if we knuckled under and bought materials or sub-assemblies “off-shore”… but NO - we try to keep our dollars “in-house”.

Is this a fair answer?

I’m too busy to research the moral agenda of the mfg. of something I need. I look for “Made in the USA”… If it’s not, I’ll look elsewhere… If I can’t find a substitute, I’ll buy the Chinese cr*p.

How do you follow a boycott list that makes u pay to get more of the list is my question

It explains that on the website also. They had it on the internet for a number of years. Condensed version (please read the longer one for a better detail!): They did offer it free by mail, but planned parenthood and abortion groups sent for it and almost bankrupted them so now they send it for a small donation. If one really wants to help change what corporations do, then they shouldn’t mind making a donation. They have documented how many companies have quit donating or giving grants to pp because of their diligence and our participation in boycotting. If you don’t want to pay for a list, use mine for a start.

Everyone is not going to agree that boycotting works, or decide that it is too inconvenient…their decision. The original question was do U boycott and then what so that’s what I answered. The website offered gives a good explanation of why it works.

God bless and may the Holy Spirit guide you always.

In a previous email you suggested buying American products or from American businesses; who do you buy from like for food (or maybe your wife does most of the grocery and house shopping). Do you have any leads for other consumer goods we use often?


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