Do u shop at wall mart?


Some 1 said it was bad to shop there becuase they sold broke back mountian


Josh, I buy food and clothes from Walmart and HGB.
I don’t think they meant to sell broken Back Moutain bike. During the process of transporting the products, they can be ruined, and employees didn’t know about it.

This happens to every companies. All you need to do is to bring back the bike with your receipt and ask for another one. :slight_smile:


I don’t think that’s what the OP meant…


oh, I was wondering what the OP meant :slight_smile:


I think he was referring to Brokeback Mountain, the 2005 Best Picture-nominated movie that promotes homosexuality.


I once worked for a company that was a supplier to Walmart. Walmart hammers you for price then takes your product to China and gets it copied. I DO understand that the Chinese need to eat too.

I have gotten to the point that I avoid Walmart as much as possible because:
*]They never have enough cashiers.
*]Service is generally pretty lousy.
*]They are running mom and pop stores out of business.
*]You really must pay attention to product pricing. Some of the pricing is way out-of-whack.
*]The whole thing where some stores were making employees work off-the-clock just really soured me toward Walmart[/LIST]Sorry if any Walmart employees are offended.


yes i was


There are many DVD outlets that sell or rent out most of the current movies.

Just don’t buy the movie anywhere.


That was a really good movie…

My town couldn’t survive without walmart. Before we had walmart in our town we had to travel half an hour to hour to get groceries. Plus their prices are reasonable and their products are good.


Yes, Wal-Mart and their low prices has enabled me to have a quality of life well above what I could afford without them. I am open to the idea of a boycott, but it would have to be for something more substantial than selling a DVD which is widely available elsewhere.


I don’t shop at wall mart. I shop at Wal-Mart.

Wal-Mart employs about 1/4 of my extended family.

I would not buy Brokeback Mountain anyplace.

That said, as far as a family shopping situation, Wal-Mart does not send scantily clad young women to the front door to greet me. Nobody there tries to oversell me. Most of the time, the prices are good. I got a Tax ID card for stuff I need for the school without a lot of hassle.


In today’s social and moral climate,
you would drive yourself nuts trying to find a place to shop if you avoided all stores which sold things not compatible with Christian morality. Don’t worry about it. Get your socks and stuff at Wal*Mart. It is officials of the company who have to answer to God for what they promote for the sake of the almighty dollar.


I am not sure that I would want a Broke(n)Back Mountian bike, you never know where that bike has been.

Just messing with you :smiley:


No I don’t shop there and won’t either.


I believe that people need to be more careful with what they purchase more then where they purchase it. If we refuse to buy it then it will eventually not be produced as money drives the retail businesses.


lol As a current Wal-mart employee I’m not offended…

*]They never have enough cashiers (or people in other departments) because they lack the management skills/organization needed to keep employees. (Thus I’m job hunting as well as working there.)[/LIST][LIST]
*]The service is lousy because the few employees they have are overworked and over tired “yes, we know there are supposed to be 9 people in your department and there are only 2! Please make up the difference!” (Yes, I was told that - No, I wasn’t offered a raise for doing the work of 4 1/2 people.)[/LIST][LIST]
*]Mom and pop stores can’t compete with big corporations who demand lower prices for themselves. I’m with you on that one, but I can’t afford the mom and pop prices and people like me are why Wal-mart succeeds in running off the mom and pop places.[/LIST][LIST]
*]Overall that wasn’t as bad as the media made it sound. Wal-mart screwed up, admitted they did, and paid everyone for it… Some of my co-workers suddenly got checks for over a thousand dollars. I didn’t hear anyone upset about it. LOL[/LIST]


I used to live in a small community and this will sound harsh. I HATED the mom and pop stores. Maybe things were different a long time ago but the mom and pop stores are not an oasis of friendly service and homeyness. No.

The prices were high. The local shoe store only carried the name brand shoes. Yes, these were no different in price then the name brands that other stores carry but heck, I buy generic shoes and they had none. This was true of other stores too. The local thrift store-the only one in town-sold used toddler, no name, overalls for 11 dollars!! What the heck!

Service was rude! They were not these sweet, polite, Mayberry type individuals. I needed to buy my son some cleasts for baseball. I asked the shoe store owner where the cleats were. She showed me but didn’t do anything else, so it isn’t as if I put her out. The cleats were expensive, so I told my son that I needed to talk to his dad first. The owner-who was listening- made a noise of disgust and said, “Well, if you have to ask your husband about everything!” I left and drove to another town to buy the shoes.

Irregular hours. This drove me nuts!!! The hours on the door had nothing to do with the hours the store actually opened or closed.

I’ll go to Wal-Mart any day, over these type of mom and pop stores.


I don’t shop at Walmart, but not because I think it’s immoral. For reasons cited by other posters, I think it’s fine if you want to shop there. I’ve not personally had one good shopping experience at a Walmart store, so I choose to spend my money elsewhere. We have a locally-based chain (Meijer) that is similar to Walmart in that it has good prices and a ridiculous amount of stuff under one roof. I prefer to shop there when I need to purchase groceries, gardening supplies, shoes, and spark plugs in one trip. I get good deals, the groceries are generally of excellent quality, and hey, anything to keep Michigan’s economy from tanking further, right? :thumbsup:


I do. I have really nice one they built just up the street a few years ago. All the other Wal-Marts in my area were crummy and I hated them. But this one is clean, organized, and have friendly employees. The must have a very good manager. Working in retail as long as I have I know the manager really makes a huge difference on how well a store is run. My MIL works for Wal-Mart. That one is a really nice one too, it’s a Super Wal-Mart out in a rural area.


I shop at walmart for things they’ve done for the corporate world for small business.:eek: yep, they’ve actually improved things.

They elliminated something called “shelf stocking fee” for exaple Kraft would pay “Mom & Pop” grocer a few cents a box to place “EzCheese” on a nice spot on the shelf. This made entrance into the market nearly impossible. Walmart allowed for the growth of “Anne’s Macroni” which is a really great organic/natural macroni.

They have reduced industry “shrinkage” dramatticaly…basically people stealing before it gets to the store. On average two Semi’s worth of good go missing a month…Walmart has reduced it to one / 1.5 and this has a trickle down affect

They are funding RFI technology development which is those little tags that make sure you pay for what you have. RFI tags currently cost $1.50, walmart hopes to get them down to 3 cents.

Although in the end I think Walmart will fall on itself. Literally. It’s do it for less attitude will only carry it so far. Where I lived they lost a week of being open becuase the snow-load cracked support pillars. Fault of poor engeneering and cheap materials!!! All stores are cookie cutter and most were built by a traveling troop with little local materials. I enjoy it while it exists b/c I know by princible it will kill itself.

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