do we always have to be really dressed up for church?

ok, so I do try and dress up on sunday for mass (even though I dislike it). nothing fancy, just nice dress pants and blouse, or a knee length skirt or dress. is this ok?

also, what about daily mass or adoration? usually I can only go after school and I don’t usually dress up for school, just casually since I draw attention to myself if I dress up since no one does it. usually it’s jeans or sweatpants, waterproof stuff if it’s raining, hoodies or sweater, t-shirt and shorts in the summer. I like trying to go to mass or adoration often but lately I’ve been going less because I’m scared that I’m not dressed appropriately enough. I used to feel I could just be myself with God, I prefer to dress casually and comfortably anyways, I only dress up if society forces me to but now I’m not so sure anymore.

what should I do, if I dress up on sunday, isn’t it hyprocritical that I don’t the rest of the week? I mean, mass is always the same isn’t it? but then again, I can’t wear my sunday best to school and I have a lot of stuff to carry so it’s hard to take it with me. and my house is an hour and a half away so I can’t come home and change either.

I’m very confused, could you guys please help? thanks

My understanding is that as long as it’s modest, clean, and not torn, it should be appropriate for a weekday Mass. Realistically, it’s not practical for you to damage your health by carrying a too-heavy backpack just to change for Mass. However, I would suggest not wearing a hoodie or sweats to Mass, and if you’re going to wear jeans, I suggest making sure they’re not baggy and considering a darker wash - these tend to look a little nicer. If you’re wearing shorts, they should be at least knee-length. Walking shorts or capris work very nicely for situations like this. You might also see about getting some nice casual skirts to wear. I haven’t worn pants since we were married, except for scrubs (personal choice - not something DH/the Church dictated) and I have a long jean skirt and a couple of other casual skirts that I wear with a T-shirt or something for casual wear.

I lived in Brazil when I was 12 - my dad took a sabbatical and went to work down there. We frequently wore nice shorts to Mass. I wore cullottes sometimes - a jumpsuit that resembles a dress. It was so hot you really couldn’t wear super heavy clothing.

There’s no specific universal dresscode for Mass, but you should be modest (which, really, applies anywhere).

I’m a caveman with a small brain who is psychologically and spiritually aided by external visual cues as a means of better preparing myself for the Lord, which is why I’ve made it a routine to wear dress pants and a nice shirt to Mass. Other people may not deem this valuable.

It’s not uncommon for people attending a daily Mass to have other business for the day. There is no sin in wearing casual attire.

We don’t.

But Sunday Mass IS different from any other day of the week. You’re in God’s house.
Some people dress to the 9’s. Some come in the best that they have, which might not be great.

Where did you get the idea that only super-dressed up is pleasing to God?

When I go to Mass, I wear what I wear to work, which is the best I have (I have an office job). But I wear the best because I am coming into the presence of my King, into his royal court, into the throne room of Heaven, where there are Cherubim and Seraphim and the Saints and we who are the Holy People, all around the altar and the Throne of God.

When I genuflect before entering the pew, I do so slowly, my head low as I cross myself, and say quietly, “My King”, and wait until I understand he says to me, “Sit before me”, then I enter the pew and sit, then kneel and address Him.

We dress and act according to the importance of whom we are going to visit. He is my King, I am his royal subject (and his brother, whom he loves).

John Martin

I look at it in a really really simple way that makes a lot of sense to me:

No, you really don’t have to, but why not do it if you can?

For the past two Easter Sundays, several more gentlemen have been wearing suits.
Also a few men wear suits to Sunday Mass other than Easter.

John, it is so wonderful to see your reply. I have always felt the same way as a Protestant, until the last few years when I had finally studied the bible to understand how wrong Protestantism is in so many ways but especially in three. Four years ago I came face to face with once saved always saved and found it to be totally unliveable, unbiblical and just plain wrong. Of course I was attending a fundamentalist church (which took me two years to figure that one out) at the time when my mens group decided to talk about it openly and transparently. We found out that it was split right down the middle, with the OSAS saying Gal 5:19 had nothing to do with salvation, at which I almost flipped out on becuase how could anyone come to that conclusion after reading Paul’s warnings. I had went there after moving from San Diego to Sacramento and a friend invited me and said it was a bible believing church. I thought he was a baptism believing, Phil 2;12 believing Christian. Of course he too turned out to be a Fundamentalist and also at that time I didn’t understand what communion was. Now I do and I have figured out that the Catholics believed in everything I was believing and it shocked the daylight out of me, since everything I had ever heard in my Protestant churches had nothing good to say about Catholicism, just that they were the spawn of the devil. After recognizing what the Eucharist is in October of last year I have lost my zeal to dress up since I don’t think Jesus is even at our Mega Church, especially now that I know what the presence really is. For me to find out that John 651-71 is being ignored and considered just a symbol is now revolting to me. Also that Baptism is done on our stage with the Pastor reminding everyone to remember that Baptism doesn’t save you, it is only a symbolic ritual. Then to ignore Paul in everything he stands for because of their OSAS bias. Well I don’t go to church anymore and I am so sad for all my friends at that church. I am now attending mass and awaiting my first communion in April 2015. I now am back to wearing my suits and ties, because I too believe in the Royal Priesthood and that it is the Royal courtyard of the King and I am His servant and lowly at that. To be in the presence of the King of kings is a humbling experience. If I didn’t have suits and the best I had was whatever it was, I would promise you that it would be clean and presentable, because Jesus is not grading me, but I do believe to whom much is given much is expected. Thank you for showing your respect to our King and High Priest, Jesus Christ.:thumbsup:

In our society, people dress up when they go see someone important, like the president. Since Jesus is the most important person ever, we dress up when we go visit Him. However, Jesus would rather you come in dirty, ripped, and smelly clothes than for you to not come. He’s also lowered Himself to the point of hiding His glory under the appearance of bread so you can be in His presence here on Earth, so I don’t really think He would mind a ton if you just wore your school clothes to go visit Him.

Also, I wouldn’t feel hypocritical about dressing up more on Sundays than on weekday Masses, Sundays are solemnities, and thus more special than weekday Masses, even though it’s the same sacrifice every day.

As for other people not dressing up, I wouldn’t let that keep you from doing so. Who knows, maybe you doing so will inspire them to do so and help them remember just who they’re going to see.

What you could potentially do if you’re wanting to show reverence to Our Lord without having to wear fancy clothes all the time is to wear some kind of head covering (assuming that you are a girl) It doesn’t have to be a mantilla, as that may look strange wearing casual clothes at the same time (although I don’t really know how that works, being a guy and not having to worry about matching and fashion and what not.) I’ve heard that some girls use infinity scarfs as head coverings that go better with everyday wear.

that’s theh thing I really don’t like about our society. I only dress up because I am made to feel like I have to. it personally means nothing to me to dress up for the president or whatever.

honestly, being born blind and having the condition all my life, I don’t know what clothes look like anyways so I really have trouble understanding what the big deal is. I just do because I’m told that’s what we’re supposed to do. but I don’t want God to feel like I’m being disrespectful, i’m not trying to. I just don’t get what all the fuss on clothes is about because I physically really can’t grasp it. but I do try. and a lot of the time, it’s too cold here for skirts anyways, hence all the hoodies and sweats in my possession

Ditto everyone else. I just wanted to add, I think these cheesy t-shirts with something crazy or an inappropriate vanity message, I would frown on that.

What you describe is fine.

Again…WHO is making you feel this way? Who are these “people” who fill you with such things? Where are getting this from?
You will not be at peace until you talk with a priest about your concerns and HE tells you what you should do, and what God desires for us. You listen to people who make you feel bad, but you won’t listen to anyone who wants to help discern the truth.
Can you accept that a priest would tell you straight up the correct thing? If so, see him.
If not, keep listening to these people who continue to make you feel bad and cause you to suffer needlessly.
Because of your condition, it is very uncharitable for people to be trying to lead you into a way of thinking that hurts you. They are “fussing” at you? Free yourself of these so called friends. Trust someone who is actually trained in the ways of the Church.

Great post!:thumbsup: Welcome home to the Mother Church.:slight_smile:

sigh… other catholics who make it seem like you’re not a good cahotlic unless you do these things.

there do seem to be a lot of quotes from popes and saints agreeing with their view though.

Where are you getting the quotes from?

Interesting point, Angell1,
Being blind, do you have some “attitude” within you when you meet someone you personally consider important to you, where you somehow demonstrate your deference to them? For instance, when walking with the vice president of my company, I always follow him by about a half a step behind and to his side - this is a physical manifestation that he is my superior in the company ( he leads, and I follow his lead ).
I think that is what several of the posts are trying to portray - that we have an “awe” of Jesus who is present in the tabernacle and on the altar in the Eucharist.
How do you express that recognition of him in your situation?

John Martin

I prefer to dress up on Sundays as a sign of my respect for the Lord. That’s how dressing up on Sundays was explained to me as a child and I’m more comfortable dressing that way. Over the years, it seem just about everyone else has stopped dressing up. They give several reasons for it, primarily that some people can’t afford nice clothes and we don’t want to exclude them, and we should feel free to come before God just as we are without putting on airs.

I attend mass right next to the beach. Weekdays are super casual. On Sundays, I’ve seen everything from beach coverups (a little underdressed, I think, although perhaps she had intended to go just to the beach, saw the church, and came to mass last minute) to a taffeta ball gown (a little overdressed, but she was about 5 years old). I think somewhere in between is appropriate.

I do think we should all be neat and clean, respectfully dressed, but I don’t think it is required to dress up. What do others at your mass wear?

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