Do we celebrate Christmas in the wrong month?

A guy I worked with mentioned that everyone celebrates Christmas in the wrong month. He said that we are supposed to celebrate it in the month of April, instead of December. He really didn’t have a lot of evidence to support it, but told me it was fact. Is there any truth to this?

There are various theories as to the month that Jesus was born. There are theories based on the most likely time of year to declare a census, the time of year shepherds would have kept their sheep in the fields at night, and other details of the Gospels. However there is no one satisfactory answer that can be gleamed from Scripture.

Since there is no known day of Christ’s birth, any date could theoretically be chosen as the day to celebrate it. There are various historical arguments as to why December 25th was chosen, see Catholic Encyclopedia’s entry: Christmas. However it is important to note that when we celebrate Christmas we are not necessarily saying in a historical sense that this is the day Christ was born. We are simply picking a day to celebrate the glorious birth of our Lord and Savior. Your friend is free to believe that Jesus was born in April (or any month for that matter), the exact date is not nearly as important as the truth are celebrating.

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