Do we forgive God?

My brother in law seems hung up on the need for us to forgive God as well as others. I am confused by his idea. I am not sure why he thinks this, nor do I understand how, for what or why one would forgive God. (Please, by the way, forgive my poor sentence structure). How do I respond to him?

There is never a reason to “forgive” God. God does not sin nor act in a manner contrary to justice.

However, usually when people use such wording what they really are referring to is coming to grips with the fact that sometimes what we want/expect God to do is not what He does. Theologically its bad wording and spiritually rather sloppy, but as a way of helping individuals move past certain extreme disappointments or tragedies it might be useful to help them understand a way to come to grips with a situation.

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