Do we have to "like" all the saints?

There are saints which I admire very much: St. John Vianney, St. Teresa of Avila, St. Augustine of Hippo and St. Maria Goretti to name a few. However, there a couple of saints that I actively dislike. They are quite popular saints too, ones that many people have strong devotion to… but I honestly find them a bit annoying, for lack of a better word. Is this wrong? I am required to “like” all the saints, even if I don’t have a special devotion to them? Thanks.

Well, are we supposed to “love” all our fellow human beings, whether or not we particularly ‘like’ them? I think we are, right?

So if you love the saints (but don’t particularly like some, and recognize that the dislike might actually not be so much related to the saint’s particular character but perhaps to some aspect of your own character which might cause a lot of the difficulty), you should be fine.

IOW, if you (to give an example) were a women whose character was very quiet, shy, and domestic, you might find, say, St. Joan of Arc to be a character who, in her leading the soldiers, was so different from your own personality that you would find her hard to like, whereas you might find St. Therese of Lisieux to be much more your ‘style’. But so long as you don’t think that St. Joan isn’t really 'as good as" another saint, you’re fine in prefering St. Therese. Does that help?

Yes that makes total sense thanks! :slight_smile: It is kind of along the lines of the example you gave with St. Joan and St. Therese… I suspect (though not totally sure) that the two saints that I dislike remind me of something in my own life which I find painful. I had a hard time explaining what I meant exactly, but you summed it up nicely!

I was more worried that actively disliking them was wrong, as in uncharitable in a sense… because I realize the saints are my brothers and sisters in Christ, just like the Church Militant… and I don’t think its right to actively dislike someone I know personally. For instance, I try to fight off uncharitable feelings I have towards a particular person in my parish…

With the one saint, I will sometimes see a picture of him and think “yeccch”! Its quite a strong dislike and I tend to avoid anything to do with him. He is quite popular but I won’t say who because I don’t want to offend anyone. I guess I’ll just try to avoid thinking about him for now, until I figure out completely what’s going on.

I would be concerned if there was an intense dislike towards any of the saints… but besides that I don’t think there’s anything wrong.

I think we all have our personal hangups, and that God understands. There are some saints who annoy me (I also won’t say who), but they also are not popular so I don’t have that same problem. I am sure though, when we are all in heaven that we’ll be able to talk to those people and see them as God does and we’ll all “just get along” :wink: hehehe

Since he is a saint, he presumably knows that you have an aversion to him, and he probably also knows why. It might sound strange, or too uncomfortable, but perhaps you could ask the saint to help you understand why you feel the way that you do and to help you overcome it.

It does seem a little weird to me to feel a strong dislike for any saint. After all, they are not just other people to whom we should be charitable - they are holy souls who served God and are now with Him. I think you’re right to be concerned.

Come on that is silly, you do not like a particular Saint. And you do not want to say who?:shrug:

Well, if I’m totally honest, I do have an intense dislike for the one… there is a painting of him in my church and I try to avoid looking at it. I do have an idea of what’s going on… I had a difficult childhood and I sense there is something about this saint which reminds me of it. Like a painful trigger. Its not totally clear to me though at this point.

[quote=Student09]Since he is a saint, he presumably knows that you have an aversion to him, and he probably also knows why. It might sound strange, or too uncomfortable, but perhaps you could ask the saint to help you understand why you feel the way that you do and to help you overcome it.

It does sound a bit uncomfortable but it might be a good idea! Thanks for suggesting it.

I’m not saying who the saint I don’t like is either… I just don’t want to offend anyone because he’s very popular.

Haha, its funny you mention that, because I have thought of being in heaven with these saints! :smiley:

Get a big picture of that saint and hang it in your house, and start liking him or her :smiley:

LOL that would certainly force me to deal with it. :stuck_out_tongue:

I suggest you pray to this saint and have it out with them. Get everything off your chest and say I dont like you because of this this and this, I cant stand your picture etc. He or she loves you and wont be offended, and in fact they probably want to help you.

I don’t think we are required to like all Saints; love them maybe but not like them. I don’t like several but love them just the same. same with people. :shrug:

An interesting question. The saints to whom I have the greatest devotion are those whose lives, actions, and personalities are like lenses: they are transparent, and through them I see God or the hand of God. I find some saints - and certainly some recent ones (no names, please) - totally opaque: I don’t see God, I only see them and/or their “cult” of personality. I don’t find that second group very “likable” to use the OP’s term.

I wish you would provide some names - though of course you have every right not to - just because I’m having a hard time getting my head around what you’re talking about. :confused: What do you mean by their cult of personality?

Maybe I’m just too new to Catholicism or something and otherwise I would understand. I’ve been reading a lot about saints lately trying to find a patron saint. I like some more than others but I haven’t found any that I don’t like.

Maybe you could give just one example, if you don’t mind. :o Otherwise it sounds like you are making cryptic insinuations about unnamed saints. Could you also give an example of a saint you have a devotion to, and why?

Saints arent up in heaven waiting for us to like them they are active here on Earth and in our lives whether or not we notice. They seek us out, they want to help us, and some modern popular saints like Therese have such a big following because she has been busy working for those people. She said she would spend her heaven doing good on Earth and she definitely has and if you dont believe it ask her for help.

That is the strangest question I have ever seen in a chat forum!! :shrug:

Saints are saints. They are in heaven whether or not you ‘like’ them. They pray for us unceasingly before the throne of God for our salvation.

Maybe there are saints with whom you do not have an affinity. That is a personal matter. But to actively ‘dislike’ some of them, even if you have never known them? That’s just really weird on your part.

Is it how people approach them that you find annoying? This just doesn’t make any sense, but I’m not going to worry about it.:confused:

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