Do we have to pay for a mother-in-law's housing?

My mother-in-law has a bipolar disorder and my husband has paid for hotel rooms for her for several nights. She was kicked out of her home, as well as most hotels where she stays. Is it wrong to stop providing hotel money? She doesn’t think with sense and doesn’t spend properly. We don’t want her to stay with us either because we have a child.

If you stop paying for hotel rooms for your mother-in-law, will she become homeless? You and your husband do have an obligation to do what you reasonably can to take care of his mother, especially since she is ill and cannot care for herself. I recommend that your husband contact a social worker who specializes in elder care to find out what options he has for getting his mother the care and housing that she needs. Your local Catholic Charities should be able to provide a referral.

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