Do we know for sure...?


Do we know in the church for sure, that Stephen was the first Martyr for Jesus? What about the other churches? Copts, Gnostics, and so on. Do we know anything about them having martyrs?



There was no other group at that time. Coptic’s didn’t exist as a separate communion until 451 A.D. and the see of Mark was only founded in 43 A.D. Gnostics didn’t appear until a bit later.


So then were there only catholics? Or did we not formally exist then either? I read the first christians were in the jewish temples and then were moved out by the Jews and worshiped in tombs of the dead martyrs? But that would’ve been after Stephen.


The Catholic Church is the original Christian Church. Although the see of Rome was not founded until a little bit later.


The first Christians were indeed Jews, buddies of our Jewish LORD; but conversion of Romans, etc, began almost at once.

Holding Mass in the Roman catacombs happened much later, after the siege of Jerusalem in AD70, when the core of the Church moved to Rome.



The early Christian groups you mention may have had Martyrs…but most of their books and gospels were burned, so we don’t have much of their information.
(I can’t recall if any are mentioned in the books found centuries later?)

Re Stephen’s martyrdom…I think we cannot know this for sure.
Outside of the mention in Acts, there is no mention of it until 180AD, when Bishop Irenaeus mentions him in writing, but he is referring to the bit in Acts, so…that is not a confirmation.
Paul doesn’t mention his martyrdom in his letters (right?) even though he was supposed to have witnessed it…
Early Christian writers Clement of Rome and Polycarp wrote about martyrs but not of Stephen.
Many biblical scholars question whether it was a historical event or not…you can find all their examinations online. It seems, as per many other events of belief, it is something we cannot know for certain.



Wait a minute. Stephen’s martyrdom was recorded in Acts by Paul’s buddy Luke. He probably got the information from Paul himself. But since it is part of inerrant scripture how can you or anyone claim it was not a historical event? That is akin to saying there is error in scripture. And that one just won’t fly.


So Acts was written by Luke and not Paul?




But Paul wrote Timothy. Who he established as the first bishop of ephesus right? Or so it’s ascribed to him.


There are scholars on both sides of the issue, but in my humble opinion he did write it.




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