Do we know where the 'Upper Room' is?


I hear Fr. Pacwa talking about the Upper Room and if I’m not mistaken he even says the rosary from there and has said Mass there on EWTN.

A friend of mine when to the Holy Land with Dr. David Jeremiah last year and was told nobody knows where the upper room really was.

Is the location Fr. Pacwa talks about really the upper room? How does he know (Tradition?) and is it not recognized by fundamentalists for some reason? (Is there a Catholic Church there?)


Ya, its down the hall around the corner and up the stairs:thumbsup:


To the right…Watch the fourth step is has been lose for about 800 years.

Seriously it is tradition, but a nice one.

The Upper Room: The traditional site of the Upper Room was marked in the fourth century by the Church of the Holy Sion, which appears on the Medeba Map (from the seventh century). According to an historian of the fourth century, the emperor Hadrian found the upper room still in existence. There is no archaeological or credible historical data that would locate this house with its historic guestroom. It is likely, however, that it was located in the upper city of Jerusalem, probably not far from the high priest’s villa, since this was the main residential sector of the city in Jesus’ time. (The Upper Room shown to tourists today was built by the Crusaders in the twelfth century.)

I accept this, but others may have different information.


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