Do we know who the biggest enemy of the Catholic Church is at this moment?


Hi fellow Catholics.
Happy World Youth Day from Sydney Australia :slight_smile:

Anyhow there’s been much discussion lately about who is the biggest threat/enemy of our Beloved Church.
When you research, it leads you to believe the “new age movement” or some would call it the “new world order” which are doing the most damage. They use many tools. UN, secret and elitist groups, mainsteam media, hollywood etc etc

BUT i’m trying really hard to find more articles, information, evidence regarding recent Popes/leaders opposing the NWO.
So far i’ve only found:
*Pope Leo XIII wrote an Encyclical/Report on freemasonry (secret groups)
*A book where Cardinal Ratzinger, our current Pope wrote the preface which attacks the NWO. Book is called “The Gospel Confronting World Disorder”.

Can someone please help locate other information:confused:
Shouldn’t there be more information warning us or has the unthinkable happened:confused:

For those who don’t believe there’s a NWO shaping this world and working against the Church i’ve just recently found an article by Fra John Carlo Rosales from EWTN.
(below is some paragraphs taken from the link)

Intermediate goals of the Movement:
Although the New Age Movement’s ultimate goal is world domination, there are
numerous intermediate goals of a political, social, and economic nature. These include
the following:

  • a universal credit card system;
  • a world food authority which would control the world’s food supply;
    -a a universal tax;
    -a a universal draft, in spite of the Movement’s pacifist ideas. After the
    Movement presented itself to the public in 1975, further details came forth:
    -the establishment of a world economic system;
  • the replacement of private ownership of credit, transport and staple production
    with ownership by a world directorate;
  • the recognition of biological controls on a worldwide basis of population and
  • a minimum standard of freedom and welfare throughout the world;
  • a duty of subordinating personal life to that of a world directorate.
    Professing peace and love, the Movement has succeeded in blinding many of its
    adherents to its real goals and deceiving them in supporting the following:
    -Aryanisim, i.e., the domination of the Western races; as with Hitler, this is
    linked with anti-Semitism;
  • mass planetary initiation, also called "Luciferic initiation,"i.e., an act of
    consecration to Lucifer.
  • cleansing action, i.e., the extermination of all those who disagree with the
    Movement’s goals;
  • abortion and artificial insemination;
  • forced limitation of family size;
  • genetic control;
  • death control, whereby a cult is made of death, which is regarded as a
    euphoric experience and the transition to continuously new life cycles.[26]

An assessment and critique
The New Age Movement has already done much toward corrupting morality, in our Christian sense, by creating its own values incompatible with Catholic Christianity.
At the outset it is difficult for ordinary persons, or even professionals, to recognize the hidden agenda of this Movement because it is presented so nicely and so humanely and with so much concern for the environment that it appeals to common sense to partake in such a common concern. But in all their plans, as listed above for the New World
order, there is no due place for God. It is all humanistic and ecological…

Other useful information links:

Any comments???

God Bless


The biggest enemy is and has always been satan. Of course any groups he controls or who let him control them would be part of that. At the same time though we should make sure each of us is not an enemy of the church.

You might be interested in what Mark Mallet has on his blog about the nwo. I just checked it and his latest post mentions them as do many other posts so have a search around.



You wrote that the New Age Movement is the biggrdyt enemy of the Catholic Church at present.

I would not worry too much about the New Age Movement. I would see the biggest enemy as seculariszation.

One could, and hopefully we will, debate this.


You’ve started two threads with different titles but about the same conspiracy theories. Its getting boring!!


Don’t scratch the surface. Go to the root.


Lemme see…could it be…SATAN?


Wouldn’t the greatest threat be the pride of Her members? Those that will not sumbit themselves to Church Authority and therefore, vicariously, God?


The greatest human danger to the Church is the pseudo (AKA cafeteria) modernist Catholic. They present themselves as Catholics (maybe they even think they are Catholics:eek: ) but support birth control, women priests, gay rights, etc. and disobey Church teachings they disagree with:(


Thanks for the members who replied with good fruitful responses. God Bless you. :wink:
I’m actually meeting the Pope within the next few days down under for World Youth Day. How exciting! :smiley:
So i’de to clear this out of my mind. Trust me many practising Catholics have this fear.

Vee8, Newbie2 : Yes of coarse Satan controls these evil groups. That’s common sense.
Mark Malletts blog doesn’t mention any nwo. Is he a Priest?

NoelFitz: Isn’t Secularisation pushed and funded by these evil groups controlled by the new age movement (nwo)?

Marsha Adams: Yes i totally agree, modernist Catholics who support birth control, women priests, gay rights, etc are really a big threat. But where do they get these ideas from? Who funded the feminist movement? Shouldn’t the secret groups promoting this anti Christian stuff be exposed by our current leaders?

adstrinity: That photo cracked me up. It’s that mike myers?

Has everyone read this article from EWTN?
SO thistle your saying Fra John Carlo Rosales and EWTN are crazy??

I’ll repeat:
Can someone please help locate other information where recent leaders have opposed this new age movement (nwo) :confused:
Shouldn’t there be more information warnings us all :confused:

God Bless


It’s Dana Carvey. I used N2’s link to view it as a photo to save people a click.


Yeah, that was quite an SNL hit.

But seriously, the comical characterization of Satan as a red, horned dude with a pitchfork and a tail and a goatee is certainly damaging…making the horrors of hell seem non-existant. :shrug:

But in his effects, it’s difficult to say…I’d go with people with power, like pols. Show me more than one or two politicians that are not corrupt. :eek:


Newbie2: Yes it’s true. It seems satan is depicted as comical fictional character. Very sneaky. Very few politicians do any good for the people. Most really work for other secret masters.

Eye opening article from EWTN.
Can’t anyone out there answer these simple questions?

Has anyone found other information where recent leaders have opposed this new age movement (nwo):confused:

Shouldn’t there be more information warnings us all:confused:

So thistle and others, are you saying Fra John Carlo Rosales and EWTN are crazy??

God Bless


Satan is the most vile enemy of the Catholic Church. He is the one that we should fear the most. Thankfully, we have St. Michael the Archangel to help defend us against this vile creature we call Satan.


Just a thought: the biggest threat is the love of self masquerading as virtue, and natural virtue being conflated with supernatural virtue.


Hi Holly :slight_smile:

Of coarse we all know Satan is the biggest enemy.
But shouldn’t we all be made aware which form/groups he uses against us? For example UN, new age movement (nwo), secret groups?
I always thought our Salvation should be our major goal.

Have you read this article?
St Michael. Pray for us!:frowning:

Can’t anyone on earth answer these questions?

Shouldn’t there be more information warning us all about this?
I find it very very strange with so little information. Don’t you:confused:

I’m slowly opening my eyes to how this world works.

For instance i was one of the main actors for World Youth Day Stations of the Cross in Sydney yesterday.
You won’t believe how much negative stuff we went through :mad:

God Bless


St Michael23

Congratulations on your participation at the World Youth Day.

However I consider your views wrong.

The UN is not a danger. In fact it is a wondefull organization for world peace.

Also the New Age Movement is not really the danger you imagine it is.


Well, I don’t know a whole lot about the UN, the NWO, or secret organizations. However, I wouldn’t be too worried about them. If they were truly major threats to us then the Pope or somebody from the Vatican would have warned us about it. Try not to get too caught up in conspiracy theories. :slight_smile:


There is no new world order being secretly plotted, the UN is a public body you can research to your heart’s content, the Freemasons are a glorified Elks Lodge, the Bavarian Illuminati are long-defunct, there are a few people claiming to be Rosicrucians but they’re just as nuts as people worried about Rosicrucians in the first place, Helen Blavatsky’s dead, and the New Age movement is the same crystalwaving patchouli-scented hippie stuff it used to be, not an amalgam of Blackwater, Visa, the IRS, your local soup kitchen, and the Neue Slowenischen Kunst.

In short, yes, your source is a crackpot.

If you want my take on the biggest enemy of the Catholic Church, it’s pompous, holier-than-thou jerks who think they’ve got a shiny red phone to God. There are a surprising number of them.


I totally agree with the person who wrote:

Wouldn’t the greatest threat be the pride of Her members? Those that will not submit themselves to Church Authority and therefore, vicariously, God?

Pride, where we think we know everything is the problem.

If we would totally trust in God’s goodness and everything He teaches through His Church, ESPECIALLY through His Popes, then no one could withstand us.

But we think God goes to far in some of His teachings.
We think we are happier if we follow our own will. Thus, we lose the grace to transform ourselves, and then transform the world.


Saying that pride is the greatest enemy of the Church is really akin to saying “sin” or “human nature” is. It is true, but perhaps more general than what the OP is interested in.

Anyway, I would have to agree that secularism and modernism are the most damaging philosophies currently.

As to the idea of there being a formal and organized conspiracy to propagate secularism, I do not think that is so. Part of the reason why it is so dangerous is because it does not have a central source. It is a philosophy which has spread like a wildfire throughout society because it seeks to justify all manner of sinful behavior and to make each person into their own god.

For instance, consider the vile trade of pornography, especially in this age of the internet. There is no central group controlling this filth. Rather it has grown all over like some horrific and toxic weed because it caters to the sinful desires people hold.

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