Do we need godparents?


There doesn't seem to be anyone who who can be that we know.

My family live the other side of the country and my wifes family live in a different country.

I don't know any Catholics other than family.

So what to do?



Talk to your pastor and see if he can recommend some couples and see if you can get to know them. Good luck and praying for your intentions.


Is it just the distance that is preventing you from asking any one in the family? If they are Catholic, and can travel for the baptism, I don't think the distance would prevent them from being godparents.


The Godparents are not required to be at the Baptism. If you know someone who would make a good Godparent that is far away geographically, you can have someone else stand in as a proxy at the actual Baptism. I don’t think either of my own godparents were present at my Baptism and my youngest son had one “in person” and one proxy.


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